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Lord Scarman identified racial disadvantage and inner-city decline April and to report, with the power to make recommendations”. inquiry and Scarman report in and the Lawrence inquiry and Macpherson .. signifier of its official importance, was of Lord Scarman holding a copy of the. Scarman was set up in to examine bad relations between police and the black community. Next week sees the release of the Lawrence inquiry report. one of the members of the panel of inquiry, Sir Herman Ouseley.

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Hattersley was a little unfair to the Home Secretary. These areas have gradually become known as the middle city. He goes out of his way to say that the law is the law, and that it must extend to all.

Scarman Report: 10 Dec House of Commons debates – TheyWorkForYou

Based on the principles of the European Convention on Human Rights and the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, there is an urgent need to incorporate into UK law a duty to eliminate discrimination on the basis of race and to work actively towards equality of opportunity. In scarmna the hon. I ask him to bear csarman mind that some of us will probably he supporting the Government on his reputation.

I do not believe that the blacks want privileges.

Scarman Report | British history |

Systems for redress should be open, accessible and speedy. It is essential … that if alienation among the black community is not to develop, there should be a more ready recognition of the special problems and needs of the ethnic minorities than hitherto. No parts of our towns and cities are watertight compartments and the majority of the problems that are manifested in one area cannot be considered in isolation from the surrounding areas.


Yet on page 65 the report connects the sus law with police harassment and appears to feel that it is a power which should not be used. He has touched on many important issues. She is a person of great integrity and dedication.

The crowd misunderstood his intentions, and before the end of the day they were throwing bricks and bottles at the constable who had been trying to help one of their number because someone in the crowd had said that the police were killing the youth. That was the reason for the first night’s riot.

We have put the police in an intolerable position by reason of many of the laws that we have passed. That is why I have offered the criticism that I have offered today and that is why I propose to divide svarman House on this matter. Kaufman is fortunate enough to catch your eye as the debate develops, Mr.

Facing the ugly facts

The second and succeeding generations of coloured Britishers will rightly expect to be accepted on equal terms and to have the same opportunities as the rest of us. I hope that we can be given an answer to the question that I asked the Lodr Secretary at Question Time two weeks’ ago, which he did not answer then and he did not answer today.

The Opposition also believe that a revision of section 3 of the Public Order Act is necessary in the way that Lord Scarman recommends—a revision that enables selective bans to be placed on racist marches.

Yet inner city communities, far from being neglected, have had a searchlight reportt them for the past 15 years. Scarman found unquestionable evidence of the disproportionate and indiscriminate use of ‘stop and search’ powers by the police against black people.

Lord Scarman found that those other factors were present; but he said at paragraph 1. But I have made it clear to the House on previous occasions that we do not intend to allow the difficulties that exist to divert us from the task.


I appreciate the concern that is often expressed among the ethnic communities and elsewhere about the possible misuse of this information. We should give people greater opportunities to create their own work. The House controls the police force. They were born in Britain.

Merely putting policemen on the beat—policemen who may have a certain prejudice—will only aggravate the lrod. As I have said before, in a democratic society no one is entitled to riot. If they do so, they will be voting against one of the most immediately positive reactions made to an inquiry report by any Government, and they will divide the House at a moment when it needs to be united. Nothing in the report gives authority for the belief that the logd have a duty to consult everybody or that they must become friends with everybody.

Improvements in the practical training of probationers have already been made. She received much bad publicity. Member for Down, South Mr.

On the day on which the inquiry was established the Prime Minister —unfortunately not here today—on independent television that night dismissed the suggestion that unemployment was a major cause of the disturbances.

My fear is that when we reach the third level of acceptance it will turn out to be not acceptance but slow rejection. If there was one thing reeport I was sure of by the time I reached London it was that beer was best.