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MPX 1. Multi Processor FX. User Guide lexicon . Observez toutes les instructions et tous les avertissements marqués sur l’appareil. Branchez uniquements sur. Mpx 1 • Read online or download PDF • Lexicon MPX 1 User Manual. Read online or download PDF • Page / • Lexicon MPX 1 User Manual • Lexicon Receivers and Amplifiers.

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Bright Room A small, airy room. Clean Slate Want to start from scratch? MPX 1 User Guide Lexicon Calibrate Pedal This control allows you to achieve full range output of any connected 10kk continuously variable footpedal.

The diagram below shows a few of the infinite lexiicon of EQ curves which can be obtained from the 3-Tone effects. A nice way to put some repeats on the end of phrases.

Lexicon MPX 1 User Manual | Page /

The gate is opened every other beat for the duration of an eighth-note. A very analog sounding effect. Bal sets the relative mix of Drum and Horn mics. Medium Hall A bright, empty medium-sized hall. System Controls Dig In Lvl is a master control for digital inputs. Page of Go. Setup1 Press Store The upper line of the display shows the Setup number currently selected for loading. Gem denne vejledning til senere brug. Selections you make here will overwrite programs currently at the location s you designate.

Once you stop scrolling, they’ll return to mlx1 of the effects lexicom are active in the currently loaded program. Delay D is a dual delay with feedback, crossfeedback, inde- pendent output lwxicon adjusts, and panners.

If the program has not been edited, the message Pgm is unchanged will be displayed.

Lexicon MPX 1 User Manual

Press to access options. Many preset programs are designed with their own tempo rate settings which are stored with the lexivon.


Each switch appears as two simultaneous patch sources. The larger the Q value, the sharper the curve.


The display will show: Press Value to find the Frames control in the Soft Row. An underscore identifies the Effect block which is selected for moving to a new location. Stereo EQ follows the reverb so you can fine tune the tone manusl the reverberation to fit the mix.

Page 7 Contents, mp1x. System Controls System Controls The System menus shown below provide access to lexlcon of the controls which affect overall operation of the MPX 1, such as Bypass state, MIDI transmit and receive channels, as well as some unique options that make the MPX 1 adapt to your personal requirements.

Use the Routing Map to change connections between individual effects and also to change the overall routing configuration of all six effect blocks as a group. If Tempo Source is set to Internal, you can dial in any tempo from BPM, or you can press the front panel Tap button twice in rhythm to establish the rate you want allowing you to change tempo on the fly from any mode.

In some situa- tions it is convenient to think of Q in terms of bandwidth in octaves. System Controls This control allows you to clear a single User program, or any lexixon of Clear Programs consecutively numbered User programs. Lexxicon Data Dumps Tempo. The MPX 1 multi processor technology gives you multi effects the way you expect them to work — with instant access to individual effects, and the ability to run uncompromised stereo reverb at all times.

Press System again and select the Modes menu. If this sequence does not occur, contact Lexicon Customer Service.

LEXICON MPX 1 – REV 1 User Manual

As the first thing you are likely to want to modify in a program are its effects, this section starts there and then moves on to all of manuual functions available manula Edit mode. The Effects and Parameters Plate Plate effects were originally gen- erated by large, thin sheets of metal suspended upright under tension on springs. Of course, the classic effects of this type: MPX 1 Internal Controllers The sample and hold controller is similar to functions found in many synthesiz- ers.


Editing In the following example we’ve selected one of the presets, FazerTremolo, as Routing Example an illustration of the kind of programs that can be created with the MPX 1 routing and connection capabilities.

Damp provides control over the cutoff frequency of the filter.

Select whichever of these categories you want, and press Store. Don’t show me this message again. Way cool with percussive sources.

Clear Programs to Two fields are available for selecting any num- ber of User programs between and Higher settings of Optimize are good for chords and low notes, lower settings minimize the delay through the effect. Patching Patching Patching Patching is the ability to assign a control Source to a parameter Destination.

Lecicon operation of each of these controls is described here. The manner Messages in which the MPX 1 interprets these messages is determined by the value of this Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Use Tap to change delay times. Plate Space A huge, bright, loooong plate reverb. System Controls assign any program to any link in the chain with the controls in this menu.

Got it, continue to print.