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Me quedé dormido al sol y me dio una terrible insolación.I fell asleep in the sun and I got terrible sunstroke. 2. (weather). a. sunshine. En Islandia, la insolación. La insolación. JK. juliana kraus. Updated 4 December Transcript. La Insolación. Contenido. -Corta biografía del autor. -Movimientos literarios a los que. De Horacio Quiroga. La Insolación. Los 5 fox terrier “tenidos y beatos de libertad” Personajes “La Insolación” se desarrolla en un espacio real y.

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He had pulled out a thorn the day before and, remembering what he had suffered, licked his sick digit. He looked at the monotonous Chaco plain with its alternating mountains and fields, fields and mountains, colourless except for the creaminess of the pasture and the blackness of the mountains. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. He sent a peon over to the nearest sawmill, telling him to take the horse, a good animal, just a bit sun worn.

Death, looking for the Master, had fused with the horse. He stopped at the edge of the field, stretched out on the hill, his eyes half-closed, wiggled his nose, and laid down calmly. Mister Jones went over to the chacra, looked at his work from the day before and went back to the ranch. Insopacion have lived and worked with homeless people, disabled people and refugees. As soon as he had concluded his mission and was free, the poor horse, whose midsection was covered in lashes, shook her lowered head and fell to her side.

Dafne rated it really liked it Jun 20, They lay down insilacion until fatigue brought them on to their back paws, a position that enabled them to breath better. They slowly spread out again to insolavion down under the sun. He could feel it in the air, as if the inside of his head was pushing his skull outward. He quickly ate lunch and got on.


La insolación

The dogs lowered their tails and ran from the side, howling. They all felt insolscion, free from worry, and as a result got up and followed behind the peon to the chacra when they heard Mister Jones yelling at him, still far ka, asking for the screw.

Toward the east the field broadened into a clearing marked nevertheless by the inescapable shady line farther on. Mister Jones, with a towel around his shoulders stood for a moment at the edge of the ranch and looked toward the sun, already overhead.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Mister Moore, his half-brother, came from Buenos Aires, stayed an hour at the chacra and without four days sold everything, returning immediately down south.

La insolación by Thabata Merino on Prezi

The horse the farmhand had taken entered the courtyard from the north without its rider. There they remained without moving, it was still too early to be bothered by flies. He was dressed in white and walking toward them. The other dogs rose too, their hair bristling. The task of crossing it, difficult enough at a cool hour, was very hard at this time of day.

Mister Jones got his screw and headed back to the ranch. Nisolacion it was impossible to remain still in this sun and feeling so tired.

The dogs changed their location every so often, determined to find cooler patches of shade.


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Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Lists with This Book. You are commenting using your Facebook account. In the silent landscape the dazzling sun vibrated the air on all sides, distorting the view.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Jones sitting on a trunk gazing fixedly at him. The day went along the same as any other that month; dry, limp, with fourteen hours of scorching indolacion that seemed to melt the sky and that in an instant cracked insopacion damp ground in pale scabs. Alix added it Jul 18, Unable to distinguish anything, they bent over again.

Later in I plan to publish a book of stories. On hearing the barks, the farmhands raised their eyes and turned their heads to see if a horse had entered the farm. He arrived at the stream and entered the fertile hayfields of Saladito that had grown dry and sprouted out covering the whole horizon in hay, insolacikn ever having been burned.

Death had looked for their owner but satisfied itself with the horse. To shorten the distance and avoid the dusty bend of the road, he followed a straight line to his farm. The surrounding area had become misty with the intense heat. From there they watched the owner move away on steady feet, frowning and observant. Milk crossed his front paws and felt a slight pain.

He went on again.