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ITR – V ACKNOWLEDGEMENT AY B1 COMPUTATION OF INCOME AND TAX RETURN B2 B3 B4 B5 Received with thanks. (Please see Rule 12 of the Income-tax Rules, Date of Birth/ Formation ( A8) Name of Premises/ Building/ Village (A14) Aadhaar Number (12 digit)/ Aadhaar Enrolment Acknowledgement of ) · Direct Taxes Code ITR – V. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT. AY B1. COMPUTATION OF A 7 If showing loss, mark the negative sign in bracket at left. SEAL, DATE AND.

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But intimation received from CPC shows it as original and has also charged interest under section A for the reason best known to them. So you have received the SMS. I know I am late in this matter but can somebody please help me of how should I go ahead and find what was the discrepancy.

Yes, But one of my friend filed on July I did it on July For AY For many of my friends they filed returns in Jun got processed only in Oct. I have the acknowledgment no. The refund banker service will give you the latest details of your refund that may include speed post tracking, error messages in case of incorrect bank details etc Steps to take — Wait for 10 days for the refund to be credited.

Due Date for filing of ITR-V for AY and extended to – TDSMAN Blog

Thank you so much. The uploading is accepted. CPC has to process your return and verify that your details are ok. It means that the income tax department has rejected your refund claim and instead raised an outstanding demand for unpaid taxes. It should be ok.


Due Date for filing of ITR-V for AY 2012-13 and 2013-14 extended to 31.03.2014

Do you file it online? Did you e verify your returns or not? If this refund has been sent by your Assessing Officer within the last week, you may wait for a week and again check status. Call to this toll free number and select option 9. Expecting a response from you Thanks Johnny. The revised return can be filed before the expiry of one year from the end of the relevant assessment year or before the completion of assessment, whichever is earlier, As per section 5 of Income Tax.

There is a refund claimed and it has been more than a month. As advised by you I have tried to access My Account on the efile site and I xcknowledgement not able to download the file I need. You then have to file a revised return, get a new ITR-V and submit the same within days.

ITR V Acknowledgement AY | Income Tax of India

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Can you please let me know. Request you to help me what to do. Inside a single envelope, you can send several ITR-V forms. Steps are given in above mentioned article. Because i am cheesing for the same long long time but no reply coming acknowledgeent any department.

Please try to get the TDS amount corrected. Please advise me whether I should file a rectification request or lodge a grievance with cpc. The intimation under section 1 is sent by the IT Department in response to tax return filed by the tax payers. You would have to meet the Assessing officer. You should login at http: Therefore, for example, if you have filed the return of income for Assessment Year Financial Year sometime in July then the last date for processing that return is 31st March, i.


In case, they demand tax, which period they will consider for interest on penalty? Many have done this rookie mistake.

In this connection, please provide me the following information under the RTI Act Enclose the same in an A-4 size white envelope. You can raise it on social media. When you filed revised return did you file it as new return or as revised return.

If there is difference between amount calculated by Income Tax Department with details submitted in return, same can be corrected by filing Rectification Return. The procedure to file an RTI application for a refund is very simple: But, for those filing it without using the digital signature, it is mandatory acknowledgfment submit the ITR-V form generated on-line, to the income tax officials acknwoledgement Bangalorewithin days of filing of the return.

Please tell me how to update the correct account no. Kindly check and respond.