IEC 61174 PDF

IEC 61174 PDF

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IEC. Second edition. Maritime navigation and radiocommunication equipment and systems –. Electronic chart display and information. IEC Edition – Electronic chart display and information system (ECDIS) – Operational and performance requirements, methods of testing and required. Buy IEC Ed. Maritime navigation and radiocommunication equipment and systems – Electronic chart display and information system (ECDIS).

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These features include clearing bearings, anchor planning and improved user tools. With a growing majority of the global fleet having completed the switch to digital navigation, evidence is emerging that the number of ECDIS-related issues during inspections and audits is on the rise. This inspection campaign will be held for three months, commencing from 1 September and ending 30 November Web Design by Pixl8.

Global Support Global professional service is provided by a network of qualified Master Distributors and Certified Partners.

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Presenting the name of fairway on the ENC for quick identification of location. Detecting the Safety Contour: One recurring question is whether there are any compatibility issues between newly produced ENCs and the current Presentation Library edition 3.

Ensures all ECDIS use viewing group nomenclature in a consistent manner, reducing training needs and improving safety at sea. The Nautical Institute’s Technical Committee has arranged to collate any reported issues and submit them to the appropriate bodies including:. Will allow the mariner the ability to plan and check routes, viewing the conditions they will encounter on a given date or time period in the future. Provides the mariner with tidal data in a form that is similar to the paper chart equivalent.

Through the company’s fit and function program, Transas is ready to upgrade all systems in an easy and cost-effective way. The long term aim of this initiative is to improve the design of ECDIS equipment and its data by influencing regulations and standards and also to influence the way in which the use of ECDIS is taught to and used by seafarers. A means for the mariner to insert a date or date range within the ECDIS to display date dependent features. Allows the mariner to navigate to an anchorage without the need to repeatedly interrogate each area on the ENC by:.


Navico Commercial has acquired Maris. However, once installed ship owners, operators and managers must fulfill their responsibilities for its ongoing use, including compliance with all relevant regulations. Most importantly, every incident of non-compliance is a potential threat to the safety of that ship and its crew, as well as other traffic and the marine environment.

Port State Control Officers PSCOs will use a list of 12 questions to assure that navigation iwc carried onboard complies with the relevant statutory certificates, the master and navigation officers are qualified and familiar with operation of bridge equipment, especially ECDIS, and that navigation equipment is properly maintained and functioning.

Our new subscription model helps ship and fleet owners to meet new ECDIS carriage requirements, while managing complete ECDIS running costs with a single monthly fee includes hardware, digital charts and publications, on-board chart management software, fleet management software, and our global service program.

International Electro Technical Committee. Presenting the name of fairway on the ENC for quick identification of location; 2. The new guidance ensures that the hover-over function does not result in the ENC presentation becoming obscured. The previous standard will be withdrawn from Augustand all vessels need to be updated with new software before 1 st September Or even ifc complete replacement?

In certain circumstances mariners must navigate across the safety contour, this change allows the mariner the flexibility to navigate in shoal areas with or without the isolated danger symbol displaying on the ENC.

Owners need not be concerned about this, as ENCs themselves are unchanged.

Will an exemption application be viable? Changes to S display provisions: Over the next 5 years, as more mariners gain experience in using new ice and technology associated with electronic navigation, there will be many issues arising from this increasing use of ECDIS.


Please read our Privacy Policy to find out how you can adjust or turn off cookies. These have been updated to reflect lessons learned from earlier reports of unexpected chart behaviour on some ECDIS.

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This reduces the constant need to find information buried in a pick report. Normally new standards would not affect installed systems, but in this particular case the “Grandfather Clause” is overruled.

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Skip to the content Skip to the menu Skip to the search. Ensures the mariner is aware of updates that have been applied automatically to their ENCs. Global professional service is provided by a network of qualified Master Distributors and Certified Partners. May Changes introduced in Edition 4. New symbol to indicate where in the ENC features with temporal attributes are located. Today we offer a oec of sophisticated auto steering, navigation and safety products for vessels of all sizes, from small vessels on inland waterways to larger coastal commercial and passenger craft.

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Our Professional Series products work as hard as you do. If provided, the hover-over function speeds up the process of ENC enquiry by the mariner. Other issues may address aspects of the 6117 operational practice of using ECDIS and some may arise solely from insufficient or inappropriate training of users. The vessel, which had passed through the Great Barrier Reef on its journey, was released from detention upon completion of this crew training.

International Chamber of Shipping.