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HUBUD LUBUD DRILL 1 Quiz: Restricted Access. Please sign up for the course before taking this Quiz. HAMMERING WINGS · HUBUD LUBUD DRILL 2. This DVD goes into this Filipino empty-hand drill in detail. Contents include; Defining the Kali lubud/hubud drill, hammer/overhand cycle breakdown. Panantukan Filipino Boxing – Lesson 2 – Hubud Lubud – YouTube.

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Hubud-Lubud Series: Locking & Manipulations

March 25, at 1: But it is an important aspect because hubud crosses and lubdu with each of the four moves. Plus, it makes the hubud knowledge come alive and provides some really fertile ground for future growth. In my experience, using sensitivity drills to train techniques and qualities is like using a screw driver as a hammer. I have done a lot of both Oct 4, 6. There are one handed versions lubue hubud, there are exterior and interior lines of hubud.

I will be showing how this works to those who can train ulbud with me in person. Still today most of their training is with weapons, as it should be, but the unarmed material is primarily sparring based.

I concur with geezer.

Hubud Lubud

I’d rather invest my time and develop reliable muscle memory in drills like lat-sau and chi-sau which work better for me. I have asked many people if they “know hubud”. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

The US luubud definitely trains much better now than they did 20 years ago. It is a decent union, each unique aspect of each of the three arts compliment one other.

This is why you will see more parry-reposte, and less chasing center and what we would refer to as “lat sau jik chung” in something like military sabre, or renaissance dussack, compared to rapier, longsword, or spear. I practice with an FMA group that jubud a bit of fairly basic Hubud-Lubud from time to time and I’ve found it somewhat useful, moreso for weapons application perhaps.


Not understanding how to untie yourself once you are tied up: That which opposes it often gets swept away in the current and unseen undertow’s.

Hubud lubud with slapping – Brazilian Black Belt

Do not see these methods as being different. March 24, at 4: To use the abilities you garner from hubud practice to enhance your other abilities is genius. Every one of them released the trap instead of making the opponent release it.

Alternately, I do find the simplification furthered in Do form and continue to practice it. I have seen FMA demos where I thought lkbud myself.

Do Sensitivity Drills Work? I use and teach trapping that can be found in Wing Chun huud Kali, and techniques that can be found in Tai Chi.

When one cannot define the multi-level character of hubud in a real time scenario then I say “You don’t know hubud”! It also values the aspect of adherence as does the afore mentioned chi sao drill of kung fu.

Its also about angles. Does it actually provide benefit in a real fight or self defense situation? Both are contrived for the purpose of training, but one is more realistic than the other. To blend the skills of chi sao with those of hubud lubud should be the goal of most modern fighters who employ these particular arts in their personal matrix of defense.

March 25, at 8: When I do encounter someone who can do hubud fairly well I find that they still lack insight into the depths of this wonderful exercise. It takes getting together with someone who does know the correct energies to fully learn the how, why and when of these energies.


Not Understanding “how” to un-tie yourself and Why it is done. You see, hubud is a four count exercise. And the FMA assumption, or at least the assumption in Pekiti is that we always assume there is a knife present.

Better not to do so in the first place. It’s an understandable mistake that should be corrected. So if I do Pak – Tun – Pak left, right, left In a real fight the opponent does not give you the contact time. They really made big changes to their training curriculum after the first UFC, in if I remember correctly.

Hubud leads you to the thresh hold of combat creativity and spontaneous ability. That is why you should come train kubud study with us – hubud is that good and you deserve to see the true picture for what it is.

Log in or Sign up. Will have to cross hands with someone who lubdu it and gain some further insights!

The double tap is at the middle of the set. Granted a limited amount of time to train and build muscle memory, I’d prefer to focus on fewer techniques and drills with greater applicability. No, create an account now.

Like the master link in a motorcycle chain the hubud switch element is what brings it all together. Ok, let us take a look at some of the more common pitfalls that a person can encounter when learning and training in the various hubud lubud methods.