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In this unflinching look at white supremacy, George Lipsitz argues that racism is a matter of interests as well as attitudes, a problem of property as well as. Author note: George Lipsitz is Professor of Ethnic Studies at UC, San Diego, and and material rewards that accrue to “the possessive investment in whiteness. In this unflinching look at white supremacy, George Lipsitz argues that racism is a matter of interests as well as attitudes, a problem of property.

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The possessive investment in whiteness: Roediger “Lipsitz is best known for showing how popular culture and the changing fortunes of the working class and people of color transformed the United States after World War II. Most users should sign in with their email address.

The Possessive Investment in Whiteness

To purchase short term access, please sign in to your Oxford Academic account above. Rather, it offers a path toward justice, a way of expanding democracy for everyone. That this is even controversial is a sad commentary on the ability of certain majoritarians to accept some accountability. The Possessive Investment in Whiteness: The Possessive Investment in Whiteness: White supremacy is no thing of the past, no fringe movement.

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People of all groups-but especially white people because they benefit from that system-have to work toward eradicating the rewards of whiteness. Beyond the BlackWhite Binary. Temple University WhiteneswAug 21, – History – pages.

Lipsitz delineates the weaknesses embedded in civil rights laws, the racialised dimensions of economic restructuring and deindustrialization, and the effects of environmental racism, job discrimination, and school segregation.

Antiblack Racism and White Identity– 9.

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George Lipsitz No preview available – When anti-racism is at its best, it comes out of that. How White People Profit from Email alerts New issue alert.


The answers are all around us, just as the problems are all around us. Some 60, Black people die prematurely every year because of the stress caused by discrimination and by place-based impediments to medical care, healthy food and clean water and air.

George Lipsitz: The Possessive Investment in Whiteness

American Historical Association members Sign in via society site. Citing articles via Google Scholar. In this unflinching look at white supremacy, George Lipsitz argues that racism is a matter of interests as well as attitudes, a problem of property as well as pigment. Two decades ago, a book by Black studies scholar and sociologist George Lipsitz fueled national discussions of race in America. In this 20 th anniversary edition, published by Temple University Press, Lipsitz offers, in addition to updated statistics, analyses of defining issues and events, including the nature of anti-immigrant mobilizations; police assaults on Black women; the killings of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Freddie Gray and others; the legacy of the Obama administration and the emergence of President Donald Trump; the Charlottesville mob action and killing of protester Heather Heyer and other hate crimes; and the ways in which white fragility, fear — and failure — are driving a new ethno-nationalism.

Receive exclusive offers and updates from Oxford Academic. Attacking the common view that whiteness is a meaningless category of identity, Lipsitz shows that public policy and private prejudice insure that whites wind up on top of the social hierarchy. Bill Moore’s Body– 1.

Andrea Estrada andrea. How White People Profit from As rigorous as it is creative, this collection shiteness a firm grasp of the material roots and consequences of white supremacy with striking cultural criticism.

Skip to main content. Subscribe to The Current. As Lipsitz points out, however, the education inequality, wealth gap, health gap and employment discrimination that linger long after — and despite — the Civil Rights Act and other legislation outlawing legal discrimination — paint a picture that in still looks bleak. Beyond Identity Politics 8. Inheritance, Wealth, and Health– 6.


Change the Focus and Reverse the Hypnosis: Bill Moore’s Body 1. Above posseswive beyond personal feelings and acts of individual prejudice, whiteness is a structured advantage that produced unfair gains and unearned rewards for whites while imposing impediments to asset accumulation, employment, housing, and health care for members of aggrieved racial groups.

George Lipsitz Limited preview – Wednesday, September 12, – Race in the Schoolyard: His insights into how the color line works in the realm of public policy, politics, and culture, and what we must do to destroy it, can save whitendss lives.

Skip to search Skip to main content. The Mississippi of the s Not everyone gives in, not everyone gives up, not everyone knuckles under.

You could not be signed in. Account Options Sign in. It is a pervasive and pernicious system that restricts the political and cultural agency of African-Americans, Asian-Americans and Latinos every day. On the other hand, Lipsitz added, it would be an insult to principled people of all races who have continuously sought to create new democratic practices and institutions and new forms of struggle for racial justice to give in to pessimism and despair. Unearned and unacknowledged, race-based advantages, not greater merit or a superior work ethic, account for white privilege.

American Studies Race and Ethnicity History.