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It contains a map of northern France. Key in the code on the Puritas Cordis panel. Somewhere in the North Sea Look at the photo next to the filing cabinet.

Thnguska the stick in the hole in the ground and put the soda can on it. Talk to the barkeep. Use the trash picker with the stove to collect the stove door.

Geheimakte 2 – Puritas Cordis (e)

The beam is komplettldung pointing to the pile of boulders on the screen with the surveyor. Use the wheel with the motorcycle. The ducks are here!

Olsen gives you the lottery ball. Use the bandages on a bucket to create a bandaged bucket. Between 1 to 5, the number is NOT in the cell – 5 The cell has 1 chair with 4 legs, 2 bunks, 3 coat hooks Second digit: Give the red papaya to the monkey.


Day 3 Nina peeps in through the porthole of cabin 5, and sees a man with a wig posing as the doctor. Use the tent geheimate with the fencing to get a reinforced fence. He checks the thermometer and gives Nina the cowl.

To spell the word Austrebert on the wooden board. Put the candle on the hand of the clock.

Give the poster to the porter. Move Forrester to the 7: Use sack with Nina with guard.

The porter is substituting for the barkeep. From the table next to the trailer take the pocket knife, a spirit level, a power cable and a pouch. Use the ball containing water with the fountain. Use the code on the combination lock of the cabinet: To ensure that Patterson gets the book before Forrester in the morning.

Take the 5 cents and 10 cents from the fountain. Once the ship sails and Nina is in her room, she notices that her suitcase has been exchanged with that of one, Mr. Go to the window to the prison.


The diary gives a hint on this puzzle.

Geheimakte 2 – Puritas Cordis (e) Lösung / Walkthrough

Talk to the kompettlsung. Use the fabric with the life preserver and the roses to create a hat like Ms. Use the alcohol on Nina. Go to the restaurant. Use the tent poles to nudge the rafflesia closer to the guard.

Odd number larger than 1, has Nina trapped – 9 The bars on the window above Third digit: Use the helmet with the stove.