Texts attributed to Garab Dorje (Prahevajra/Pramodavajra/Surativajra): The famous three lines spoken by Garab Dorje as his last testament to Mañjuśrīmitra. For it is the final testament of Garab Dorje, The essence of the wisdom mind of the three transmissions. It is entrusted to my heart disciples, sealed to be secret. Garab Dorje (Fl. 55 CE) (Tibetan:དགའ་རབ་རྡོ་རྗེ་, Wylie: dga’ rab rdo rje) 9Skt . Prahevajra (Pramodavajra/Surativajra) was the semi-historical first human.

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Dharma Wheel

One who practises in such a way, May well attain enlightenment in this very life. Shri Singha gave him the initiation and empowerment into the tantras and also all the teaching on the Space Series gaarb the black, white and variegated modes. Garab Dorje or Garap Dorje is the only attested name. If you find this site useful, please consider helping us to achieve our goal of gqrab more classic works from the Buddhist tradition and making them freely available. First Hungkara revealed a series of mandalas of the Buddha-deity Yangdak Thuk, Immaculate Mind, followed by a series of mandalas of the Buddha-deity Dutsi Men, Ambrosial Panacea, dorjee long-life practice.

The following texts are attributed to Garab Dorje:. Retrieved from ” https: Hiding his disgust he begged for food and the old monk gave him a fish that his dog had vomitted up. He made three copies of the texts: Vairotsana was born in Central Tibet in the Nyemo district in Jekhar. Then once during a feast, when all were present, the king handed a bowl of soup to one of his garav and told her to offer it, while it was still warm, to Lawapa, on far distant Kotambha mountain “Close your eyes and say these words,” the King told the doubtful girl.

Finally, on his way from the Bodhi Tree Temple to visit the King of Khotan he achieved rainbow body and gave his last testament to Jnanasutra. This transcription of the garan transmitted in New York in contains the text of the four lines written by the master Khyenrab Chokyi Ozer and the related oral commentary by Rinpoche.


At that moment wondrous sounds were heard and rays appeared. While this happened, she beheld the threefold world perfectly and clearly.

And even if not, what happiness! His opponents at court continued to conspire against him.

The sheep went to the Uddiyana king, Indrabhuti, and complained about the Acharya and asked him to redress the wrong done to them. Kambala was a prince of Uddiyana who was ordained as a bhikshu and studied the scriptures. This infuriated dorj king who cursed him, “You foolish, ignorant monk!

Hitting the Essence in Three Words | Lotsawa House

This page was last edited on 28 Februaryat Usually, such numbers are multiples of 9 such as The Sanskrit offerings are reconstructions. Then Vairotsana garxb the Acharya Garab Dorje in the cremation ground called Place of Smoke, Dhumasthira, and he received the entire sixty-four hundred thousand Dzogchen verses.

When the Master of Secrets, Vajrapani, taught the tantras to the garsb knowledge holders of the five families on Mount Malaya, his life was transformed. Add to my wishlist.

Hitting the Essence in Three Words

Garab Dorje means ‘Indestructible joy. Lawapa spent twelve years living in a cave on the Kotambha mountain in Uddiyana. Later they both gaeab the people and up to a thousand of them gained the same result.

Vimalamitra meditated on this for ten years before Jnanasutra achieved rainbow body and left him with his final legacy, a tiny jeweline casket containing the verses called “Four Profound Methods” Zhakthab Zhi and through this he accomplished the heart of the matter.

Egg-shaped vase-like thing next to Garab Dorje in images – Dharma Wheel

Light and music emanated from sorje ash pit and after three days the mother retrieved the baby and gqrab gods and spirits came with offerings to honour him. In the south of India, in Kongkana he met the Acharya Patalipada with his eighteen yogis and yoginis and from him Buddhashrijnana received the Guhyasamaja-tantra. The power of his visualized creative phase circle of protection was enough to keep the boulders suspended in the air while his fulfillment meditation shattered the stones into atoms.


He received this name in the following manner.

Jnanasutra became a scholar monk and traveled to Bodhgaya. This is the special teaching of the wise and glorious king. When those victorious sounds were heard, a heretical king sent assassins to murder Prahevajra, but they could not harm him, for his body was immaterial like the rays of the sun.

Due, however, to the lack of faith he showed in rejecting the fish he was offered, he did not attain rainbow body, but achieved the level of Vajradhara in the bardo after his death. He attained the rainbow body of supreme transformation. The nun was frightened and ashamed. The Eastern Tibetan Yudra Nyingpo became his collaborator in translation and teaching. Upon his DeathPrahevajra imparted his last testament to Manjushrimitra.

He attained the body of light. But, until stability is attained, It is vital to meditate, away from all distractions and busyness, Practising in proper meditation sessions.

In the evening he settled down to meditation and entered his samadhi and at midnight he heard a great noise and saw a shower of boulders thrown by the Shakta-Dakinis descending upon him.

Second revised edition, reprint. The Bon faith explains the origin of Dzogchen differently. Three nights later the nun recovered the infant, who was unharmed. It has neither birth nor cessationlike space.