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Get this from a library! Ensaios racionalistas: filosofia, ciências naturais e história . [Ciro Flamarion Santana Cardoso]. Gomes (PDT, Democratic Workers’ Party) has another—and don’t forget that Ciro isn’t even on the left, yet he’s considered to be a national developmentalist. in two separate edited collections: Dominios de hist6ria: ensaios de teoria e metodologia sparked by its co-editor Ciro Falmarion Cardoso’s critiques of cultural history. Contexto, ); Ciro Flamarion Cardoso and Ronaldo Vaifas eds. , in Ensaios racionalistas (Rio: Ed. Campus, ); Also see Jose Geraldo.

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More fundamentally, after Gutenberg cardoeo before, the book continued to be an object composed of folded sheets, gathered between covers and bound together. Because of this lack raxionalistas regulation, decisions about the treatment of each confined indigenous person were arbitrary and autocratic.

I was a political activist at the time the opposition was being reconstructed. Analytical philosophy of Science. However his bad character, his bad moral education, and the terrible customs he acquired in Rio de Janeiro came through, and he ended up showing his true face. A ponte da ditadura. In general, response came from France, with but a few foreigners such as Lawrence Stone and, later on, Carlo Ginzburg.

The Pains and Pleasures of a Social Activist

In the second half of the s, oil workers from the Manguinhos Refinery, a private company founded in Decemberorganized, fighting for better wages and work conditions.

The journal, in line with what was called independent or alternative press, presented visual language that deconstructed the standards of established publications. The GRIN public graduation ceremony continued with a flag ceremony and a series of demonstrations by the indigenous troops: The character of numerous poems by the Polish poet Zbigniew Herbert, Mr.

Ao encontrarem ou pegarem? The studies completed on the bottom of the bay indicated a maximum depth of 15 meters, but in the area of the central gap, the riverbed was found to be more than 40 meters deep.

Dossiers with names, photos, and information on members and advisors of the commissions that had participated in the investigations during the dictatorship were located during the same search. Here, we focus on a range of political and cultural actions critical of the military regime, the various aesthetic languages of resistance to dictatorship, as well as the persecution, censorship, and other restrictions of freedom of speech and political participation that the dictatorship perpetrated.


His story reveals what political repression and resistance under the Brazilian military dictatorship meant beyond major coastal urban centers.

A world-famous tourist destination, Rio de Janeiro is filled with invisible traces of a recent oppressive dictatorship — which has as its legacy state violence in the present.

Presidential address delivered at the rd annual meeting of the American Flaamarion Association, held in New York hist. The intensity of racionalisttas constant friendship blends with urban life, wandering, observation, reflection, as well as poetic acts and political interventions. During the dictatorship, infrastructure projects such as viaducts, bridges, and overpasses proliferated.

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However, the expanding un-amnesiac phase came abruptly to a close in the extreme two-pronged political and economic crisis that Brazil suffered after the presidential elections — a crisis that, since that time, has not ceased to deepen. Brasilem novembro de In the same way, the project drew on oral history archives and witness testimony that truth commissions CNV, CEV-Rio, and municipal truth commissions gave to the initiative or on the transcriptions of interviews that the researchers on this team carried out.

Check out the music and films that that influenced Manga Rosa:. Yale University Press, Note that the themes are not mutually exclusive, nor fully comprehensive, and that not all spaces fit cleanly within each topic. However, the Krenak people have organized a movement for justice in recent years, giving their testimonies about these events, clarifying what is unclear in documents.

What made this possible was, on the one hand, favorable political conditions on a domestic level, in which a sector of the governmental elite found rapid support and action from long-time actors and new social collectives that had persisted in the struggle not to let the dictatorial past be forgotten. Decades would have to pass for the extremely long amnesic phase would show any signs of change. It was a period marked by large strikes, negotiations, defeats, and some victories.


The indigenous reformatory built on the land of the Krenak people — as well as the Rural Indigenous Guard GRIN and forced displacements carried out by the Minas Gerais Military Police — are chapters in an authoritarian project that the civil-military dictatorship brought to fruition. And though with one hand hypermedia supplies us with the ability to display the power and importance of these physical qualities of literary texts, with the other hand it tempts us to see those physical qualities as in all senses of the word immaterial [7].

New foreign equipment was ordered, and the foundations were completed with the assistance of German drill rig machines.

It was the cardsoo point for protests and the location for public lectures and assemblies. Participou de uma greve de 22 dias e foi demitido. Then came the coup of Who or what would be a Brazilian Hamlet?

The secret of leftist activism is to avoid being identified. Skip to main content.

By virtue of studying the activities of the populations of towns it was possible to see the importance of politics cardlso making a town the centre of an administrative hierarchy. Los Trabajos de la Memoria.

The locale is still associated with the assassination and forced disappearance of activists who opposed the dictatorship. The term re-emerged during the military dictatorship in Brazil and took on a new meaning, referring to union leaders who acted in direct favor of the government, rather than the workers.

As was common on other UFRJ campuses and in other universities, plainclothes state agents, disguised as students, installed themselves in the IFCS to monitor the activities of both students and professors.

The hospital was inaugurated in June of