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Phone, Suggest a phone number energoinvest iris elektronika. Local Business. Unofficial Page. energoinvest iris elektronika. Posts about energoinvest iris elektronika. There are no stories. e-mail: [email protected] . Milojković was awarded the Prize of the enterprise Energoinvest Sarajevo, the Gold medal of Technical Military. ELECTRONICS e-mail: [email protected] Editor: . Milojković was awarded the Prize of the enterprise Energoinvest Sarajevo, the Gold medal of Technical.

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The paper presents models of cable lines made of parallel wires in different spatial configurations and their impact on load asymmetry.

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This task is solved by using a system of automatic gain control AGC [1]. Radar tomography, radar signal processing, time-frequency transform. Introduction A common problems in antenna designing is an issue of a broadband matching of antenna arrays with a set of generators.

Flat rooted trees are more dangerous than tap rooted trees. The article presents the results of the evaluation of basic functions determining reliability characteristics of LV connections, they are a failure intensity function, function reliability and unreliability function.

energo-elektryk / energo-elektronik

T-wielomian, elketronika reluktancyjny, sterowanie LQG. Such lightning CG stroke discrimination is not applied as yet by any lightning location system routinely operated in Europe. The inrush current phenomenon has been identified as an important issue here. Overvoltage surges energoeldktronika low-voltage power circuits. In the article there was shown the analysis of Fourier spectrograms of a base UWB wavelet interfered with other signals of different forms: The introduced scattering matrices describe a matching problem in different multiport structures, for example a connection of given antenna array with multiport beamformer.


The article discusses the issue of measuring and assessing the features of power line tower earthings using fast-changing waveform. This paper presents some basic information about HPM pulses. The sources of plasma are constructed, powered and controlled in such as way that the gliding discharge is pulsed, with the cycle lasting from over ten to a few tens miliseconds. In many cases, lapses in power supply create a real threat for human life or health, e. The spectrum of this signal is well known from the various literatures.

From the results a minimum safety-distance from different trees species is derived. The proposed algorithm reveals better performance than typical MLE method. Participation is free and the site has a strict confidentiality policy. Zaburzenia generowane przez lokomotywy w kopalniach podziemnych. Introduction The oscillator is important in electrical and electronic engineering.

The paper presents some of the experience energoelekyronika by team of National Institute of Telecommunication, EMC Department, regarding the disturbances generated by mining locomotives.

It shows how security policies can be made more realistic by including timing information, maintaining the procedure or parameterizing the validity of credentials.

In the paper the experimental results of the vector controlled induction motor drive system under different conditions are presented. The developed FDFD method allows to the energowlektronika of larger-scale models. These mathematics models may be used for analysis of signal distribution and their disturbances in different multiport structures and for the design of any optimum multiport devices. Energy management in the industry.


LLC “Energo-Gazelektronika”

It is thus natural that good solutions of the crane control problem are such that move the payload along a time-optimal trajectory with oscillations as small as possible, and the control algorithm is robust elektronkka disturbances. A value element of the vector depends on the distance from the source of EM field.

Formulas energoflektronika derived hereby, allowing for calculation of pulse duration. Usually, faster transport causes greater swings of the payload which forces the operator to slow down the crane cart. Thermal plasma is characterised by high current density, thermal power and gas temperature.

The impulse response of examined system is obtained as the result of the appropriate output signal processing, on condition that system’s input signal is rectangular. Drive operations in the low speed region are presented. In the paper discussed and the comparison of two digital signals. In these cases an undersampling, i. The analyzed phenomena cause spread in the constellation of received symbols that leads to increase of bit error rate and even to break the transmission.

The probability density functions pdf of the output signals with different distributions of the input signals are calculated.