It is now possible to JOIN a group and have network wide conferencing to thatgroup. DXSpider does not (and probably will not) implement the AK1A conference. The DXSpider User Manual v Ian Maude, G0VGS, ([email protected]). June revision 1. A complete reference for users of the DXSpider DXCluster . Next Previous Contents. 8. Web based statistics. From version , you can use the freeware software MRTG to produce really nice graphical statistics on your.

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The DXSpider Administration Manual v The DXSpider Command Reference

Clusters tend to be linked to each other so that the amount of people using them manaul increased, thereby increasing the amount of posted DX. For example andthese values are for explanation: Type out the contents of a file in a filearea. Some user programs cannot cope with this.

It may take me a while to add your data because updates to my DX pages are a higher priority than new entries to this list. One advantage of recieving thisinformation is that more locator information is held by you.

If any personal messages come in for your callsign then you can usethese commands to control whether they are forwarded onto your emailaddress. You can prevent this by using these commmands: I have one set frequently: Linux supports multitasking and is also multiuser.


DXSpider Documentation Wiki

This is an exmaple where you would use the line number 1 and 2 in this caseif you leave the digit out, the system assumes ‘1’. A DX Cluster is a packet node where DX chasers on any band or mode can post rare or interesting stations that they have worked or heard. The actual timeit takes is output to the console in seconds.

If there is no message number then dxspiider the current Keps data fromthe Keps. This command allows you to clear remove a line in a route filter or to remove the whole filter. Mnaual WHO for a list of all connections. You have been warned.

The DXSpider User Manual v1.51

If a ping is heard then the obscount is reset to the full value. If you are connected via a telnet session, different implimentationsof telnet handle echo differently depending on whether you are connected via port 23 or some other port.

The format is reasonably flexible. If you give a name then you can obtain tracking data of all the passes that start and finish 5 degrees below the horizon. If you are connected via a telnet session, different implimentations of telnet handle echo differently depending on whether you are connected via port 23 or some other port.

For now we are going to use spots for the examples, but you can applythe principles to all types of filter. Best of luck – you will need it. Any Messages sent to you will normally find their way there should you not be connected.

  ASTM C1701 PDF

If no message number is given then the status of the message system is displayed.

Telnet Access to DX Clusters and Reverse Beacon Network (RBN)

What this means is that ashort message is sent to the recipient telling them that you are in a’Talking’ frame of mind and then you just type – everything you send willgo to the station that you asked for. If there is a ‘p’ one space after the message number then it is a personal message.

Show the internal status of the channel object either for the channel that you are on or else for the callsign dxspkder you asked for. This may wellbe ALL the non-private messages. Show the tracking data from your location to the satellite of your choice from now on for the next few hours.

You can disable forwarding by: You can set this parameter between 1 and 9. List the messages in the messages directory. This is very nice for use with newer Chromebooks that support Android apps.

If you want to import or update data in bulk to a database you can usethis command.