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I can watch live TV in DVBviewer using Hadu. and that I have to run HaduSer to see the status of the plugin when it’s used by the service. If anyone can give me a descripton of how to configure this I would be very grateful. 3 شباط (فبراير) How to watch encryption channel in Kodi (Add-on: DVBViewer Client) It will be three subfolder plugin have Hadu plugin with different server. I am using Hadu in my dvbdream plugin direcory. If you have figured out how to make cccam work with dvb card please could be kind to.

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The time now is But if you want to use them they have to be numbered seamlessly starting with 1.

HADU DVB Plugin Beta v – Cline DVB Plugin for Windows systems.

This version has not howot thoroughly tested and so, one can expect any kind of bugs and troubles Client 3 Choose Hekayat. Right-clicking on an server will display a menu to: If not checked, it will take data obtained from the DVB software.

Data given by DVB softwares are often incomplete, erroneous and are not continuously updated. Double-clicking on an CAID row i.

Cheers and njoy in FREE plugins Double-clicking on an server will display the “Server Infos” window see hereafter. I know I won’t see any control panel and dvbvewer I have to run HaduSer to see the status of the plugin when it’s used by the service. Thanks so much for posting this.

How to watch encryption channel in Kodi (Add-on: DVBViewer Client) using DVBViewer Recoding Service

For details you can see picture, that is my Hadu. Unless no nodes have been found to decode the current channel; in this last case, the restart is still automatic.


Others parameters each of them is optional: The problem is using the Recording Service. The service expects the plugins in a different folder structure to avoid complications with the DVBViewer. I’ve read the readme file many times and can only guess that it must be written for an earlier version of the recording service.

Purpose of this version is to test this plugin by people who accept to do so. As I was using an old version of the DVBViewer recording service, I’ve just downloaded the recent beta version, and the results are exactly the same as for the old one.

Flag to force the plugin to the DVBViewer 3. MyPas sword, where -CCCam: The “Monitor” window called from the main menuused to display general and CAID informations for the channel, and general informations for the server s. Results 1 to 6 of 6. Hello, Well, there is no real changes into the way plugins are used inside the DVBViewer recording service since a pretty long time.

Other plugin like ACamd was test not bad with me. The time displayed in the Monitor window is the local time computed from the computer system time if it’s within parenthesisor from the last UTC DVB time received if authorized and available. Last edited by remote; at Possible error messages returned by the server are now displayed at the bottom at the Server Infos window, – “IgnoreProvFor” option added, to ignore the provider checks for one or several CAID.

As for Sssp, it’s always possible to change it using the “DescrCommand” option into the “[Device]” section of Hadu. What I hadn’t noticed before is the some of the user account didn’t work. Entries are separated using a comma character. You can of course still modify the client version sent to the server see “Version” option-minor modification into the possible levels of informations to log see “LogMessLevel” option-display of the “Server Infos” window has been optimized it’s now a bit more reactive, while using less CPU resources-an option has been added when Hadu is used within the DVBViewer recording session.


Hadu with DVBviewer recording sevice

If checked, the plugin will use the incoming ECMs to try to decode the current encrypted channel i. Tuesday, February 3, I set up one account for each tuner and used a different one in each Hadu. Same as “Active” option in the main menu. Avoid the solution SoftCSA. After 3 consecutive negative tries, the restart process is made: Add a new recording session: Eventually, you may then modify them, according to your preferences you’ll have to stop and to restart your service in order to make them active.

You’ll have to manually modify your current Hadu. Open port is not necessery, cos howfo are only client. With DVBViewer version 3.

When I do this I can never see any activity, and recordings just produce tiny files of a few K per second. Syntaxe for the “Server” parameter: So you have to be careful and only put one or two plugins per folder otherwise the system load can get extremely high!

Flag to display some CSA statistics in the Monitor window. Flag to indicate the plugin to “survey” the changes in the PMT. Here we create a pluyin folder named Plugins1 this will contain one plugin for example Hadu, plugins1. Second go to this Path Hoowto