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I can watch live TV in DVBviewer using Hadu. and that I have to run HaduSer to see the status of the plugin when it’s used by the service. If anyone can give me a descripton of how to configure this I would be very grateful. 3 شباط (فبراير) How to watch encryption channel in Kodi (Add-on: DVBViewer Client) It will be three subfolder plugin have Hadu plugin with different server. I am using Hadu in my dvbdream plugin direcory. If you have figured out how to make cccam work with dvb card please could be kind to.

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The log files are stored, either in the KeyPath2 directory if used, or in the directory of Hadu. Only the first positive ChID i. I won’t bore you with a list of everything I’ve tried at this point. The time displayed in the Monitor window is the local time computed from the computer system time if it’s within parenthesisor from the last UTC DVB time received if authorized and available.

Latest version of Hadu Plugin [Archive] – Sat Universe

I’m surprised there’s so little information returned by Google on this subject. Hadu is now considered back as a 2. It’s on my “todo” list, but I’ve still not had the time to implement it and it will probably require a pretty good time for that.

Client 2 Choose Aflam2. When I do this I can never see any activity, and recordings just produce tiny files of a few K per second. In fact, I’m not even sure it’s really possible to be connected twice using the same IP address for 2 different clients, at the same time; though I’m not quite sure for this constraint.


Please note that this version is a beta test release, which is not intended to end-users. You dvbvewer of course still modify the client version sent to the server see “Version” option-minor modification into the possible levels of informations to log hadj “LogMessLevel” option-display of the “Server Infos” window has been optimized it’s now a bit hzdu reactive, while using less CPU resources-an option has been added when Hadu is used within the DVBViewer recording session.

If not checked, it will take data obtained from the DVB software. After that client 1 Choose Aflam1. Double-clicking on an node which is available, will toggle its state between “to pluin and “to ignore”.

How to watch encryption channel in Kodi (Add-on: DVBViewer Client) using DVBViewer Recoding Service

Double-clicking on an CAID row i. Furthermore, when activated these features dvbvidwer displayed at the bottom of the “Server Infos” window, as for the build of the OSCAM server, -2 new features have been added: Flag to display some CSA statistics in the Monitor window.

Second go to this Path C: Both for returned DCWs and for negative answers i. So i tested today and finaly work on altdvb.

After 3 consecutive negative tries, the restart process is made: Password for the user. First set stop the Recording Service for the icon in the taskbar.


CAIDs and won’t be used. However, you can always force it, using the “DescrCommand” option into the “[Device]” section of Hadu. As I was using an old version of the DVBViewer recording service, I’ve just downloaded the recent beta version, and the results are exactly uowto same as for the old one.

If it’s OK, you can now make a try. Have you read the “readme. Plugins and Recording Service. It can be the directory of the software i.

Cheers and njoy in FREE plugins So, here are the main steps you may or may have not already done them: By default, you should set all of them to 0 at least to make your tests. Its main use is to detect when a given channel change: Be sure to use and to configure correctly your DVB application, in order it can deliver one TS at hadk time to its plugins i. Purpose of this version is to test this plugin by people who accept to do so. The “Server Infos” window called from the server list in the “Monitor” window is used to display informations for all the nodes of the server.

While these two new menu entries are saved i.