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DISPERBYK® is a wetting and dispersing additive for solvent-borne systems . It is composed of a solution of a copolymer with acidic groups. This prod. Solution of a copolymer with acidic groups. Acts as a wetting and dispersing additive for aqueous and solvent-borne systems. Provides deflocculation through . Material Safety Data Sheet. DISPERBYK Version Revision Date 08/14/ Print Date 08/14/ 1 / SECTION 1. PRODUCT AND COMPANY.

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Aqueous formulation containing silver, and its use for production of electrically conductive or reflective coatings. Preparation of solid silver nanoparticles for inkjet printed flexible electronics with high conductivity.

DISPERBYK (KGS/DRUM) – Suka Chemicals

Material for electronic parts, a method of connecting an electronic component material, a ball grid array type how to connect an electronic component and a ball grid array type electronic component.

These differences may result from different surface energies of substrates, different adhesion properties of substrates, requirements of different printing methods such as ink-jetting, and different strategies used to sinter the metallic inks into metal conductors. Disperbyi is a silicone-free surface additive for aqueous systems. In metallic inks and pastes, stabilizing agents may be added in small quantities to avoid significant increases in the resistivity of conductors cured from these materials.

The nanoparticles may be about 0. Composition and method for improving adherence of copper foil to resinous substrates.

DISPERBYK® by Byk – Paint & Coatings

Conductive paste for filling via-hole, double-sided and multilayer printed circuit boards using the same, and method for producing the same. The alcohol may be isopropanol, isobutyl alcohol, ethanol, polyvinyl alcohol, ethylene glycol, or combinations thereof.

  DECRETO 0907 DE 1996 PDF

A mixture of water and alcohol was used as a vehicle for formulating copper inks. Dispersants that infiltrate crevices between nanoparticles in a nanopowder may also reduce the energy required to propagate cracks through the solid, and may thereby function as grinding aids.

The presence of non-conducting copper oxides in copper films results in high resistivities. A higher viscosity promotes forming of a dispersion suitable for ink-jet printing methods. In certain implementations, the polymeric dispersant comprises about 0.

This silicone surfactant provides a reduction in surface tension that leads to substrate wetting and leveling. The ink dipserbyk claim 1wherein the polymeric dispersant comprises about 0.

Thus anionic and cationic dispersants may be adsorbed onto the surface of metal nanoparticles under conditions that depend on the pH of the solution or dispersion. Dispersion comprising metallic, metal oxide or metal precursor nanoparticles, a polymeric disperbk and a thermally cleavable agent.


For example, selection of agents and modifiers allows careful control of ink properties needed for use diseprbyk a variety of substrates, including modification within substrate types, as well as for use with different delivery methods such as ink-jetting or aerosol jetting, including formulations targeted for specific printer manufacturers, model types, and print heads.

Method for obtaining an ink in an inert atmosphere, obtained ink and conductive film to form. The coating was pre-cured and photosintered. Method of manufacturing nanowire, method of manufacturing a semiconductor apparatus including nanowire and semiconductor apparatus formed from the same. Method of manufacturing microwave reaction device and microwave reaction device.

Supply of DISPERBYK-110

Conductive ink composition for inkjet printer, method for forming metal pattern by inkjet printing and printed cirsuit board using the method. Lasers, including continuous and pulsed lasers e. Ag plating excellent in re – Dofure – beam materials for Fe-Ni alloy and manufacturing method thereof.


The ink of claim 16wherein the vehicle comprises: Also, the presence of multiple nanoparticle binding sites allows polymeric dispersants to be used at lower concentration than monomeric dispersants with single binding sites, aid still confer monolayer coverage of the metal nanoparticle. Conductive ink composition and method of forming a conductive pattern using the same. These metallic ink dispersions may be used for printing conductors, thereby making the direct writing of electronic circuits possible.

Anionic polymeric dispersants, cationic polymeric dispersants, or a combination thereof may be used to form electrostatic dispersions with charged metallic surfaces in aqueous media. Silver and gold nanoparticle-based inks are beginning to be used for printing electronics. Instructions on what protective equipments should be used to handle the materials. A weight ratio of IPA: The ink of claim 1further comprising an adhesion promoter.

Please select either yes or no to receiving news and offers from us. MSDS includes information such as melting point, boiling point, and flash point of a hazardous material.

For the water-based ink, the final film resistivity increased from 3. Colloid solution of metal nanoparticles, metal-polymer nanocomposites and methods for dixperbyk thereof. In a dispersion, the dispersant may act as a molecular bridge between the nanoparticle and the vehicle, thereby keeping the nanoparticles separated by one or more molecular layers. Metallic nanoparticles may have an oxide layer on their surface.