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Passend zu den Karten gibt es auch leere Karten, die ich kopiere. Since, as in comparable trials as well, there was no central radiologic assessment, a definite conclusion as to the relative importance of this assumption is impossible. Chemotherapy group Duration of chemotherapy is extended to 18 months for all children.

First Grade Math and Literacy Printables – BUNDLE – 10 mont

No separate analysis of PFS for tumor location has been performed. In particular, due to the obvious limitations of any potential surgical acts aiming to remove completely the tumor, the role of CT, as outlined above, is much less controversial and their long term outcome needs to be improved with high priority.

Children not affected by NF I with tumors of all sites 1. Randomisation Earrbeiten group 1 and 2: Brainstem involvement is a significant risk factor for incomplete surgery and bad outcome in children with benign cerebellar astrocytoma Pencalet ; these tumors probably need a different treatment strategy than classical cerebellar astrocytoma.

Specific neuroradiological criteria may allow to diagnose a low grade chiasmatichypothalamic tumor without biopsy section 8. Scans following radiotherapy will be assessed in a comparable pattern.

Thus, the radiotherapyfree interval has been proposed as a criteria for judging the effect of chemotherapy. Tanner score for breast development, pubic and axillary hair and genital development testes volume in ml right and left erarbeten, record date of menarche and of last menstrual period.

SIOP – LGG 2004 Cooperative multicenter Study for Children and

Thus a randomized therapy optimizing study is proposed for children not affected by NF I with supratentorial midline tumors. Record and monitor zahlenrauk integral dose to tumor and normal tissue. Prolonging therapy will probably prevent early progression, the effect of intensifying induction has to be investigated. Non surgical therapy is stratified for age: Alternative drug combinations for children developing allergy to Carboplatin For those children who at some time during their chemotherapy schedule develop allergy to Carboplatin, this has been a major problem to maintain total treatment time.


Health-related quality of life measures are important in providing information about patients, and their parents, perception zahlengaum their health and well-being. Ein Highlight ist immer das Ketchup!

Allergy to Carboplatin Urticaria, eczema, abdominal or thoracic pain, cough, fever and dyspnea are symptoms of Carboplatin hypersensitivity ChangWeidmann CR — complete resection, OP: Ist es fertig, wird das rechte Blatt ausgeschnitten, die Bilder ins Heft geklebt und der Satz dazugeschrieben. Differences between histologic entities among the totality of low grade glial tumors and their biologic behavior in different regions of the brain may add to the complexity of the treatment recommendations.

Physical examination and neurological examination, including anthropometric measurements; Ophthalmological examination Contrast enhanced cerebral and spinal if indicated MRI First, second and third year Every 3 months Fourth and fifth year Every 6 months Year 1: Additional T1-weighted postcontrast sequences in the coronal and sagittal plane are very helpful.

In case, that it is unavoidable to give radiotherapy to younger children, it is recommended to contact the national study chairmen for radiotherapy details.

Postoperative diagnostic procedures 1. This is the first prospective randomised trial ever run in Europe on childhood LGG and the second in the world.

Few patients have been irradiated. Radiation therapy was delayed a median of 4 years and 3 months range 1 month to longer than 10 years. The grading system for colour vision using the PVC 16 test can be used: Indication to start non-surgical therapy at diagnosis without prior tumor resection following biopsy or radiological diagnosis Note: Similarly, in the SFOP study children younger than 5 did significantly poorer than the older ones Laithier Follow-up investigations without therapy or following chemo- or radiotherapy 1.


Highly focussed fractional techniques should be employed to limit irradiation of uninvolved tissues, where possible. The decision to start non-surgical therapy — differently to tumors of high malignancy — is a critical one.

Almost a quarter of all patients were affected by Neurofibromatosis type I NF1. Induction therapy Induction treatment will be randomised between standard and intensified induction for study group 1 and 2 No NF I, 1: Die Vorlage findet ihr kostenlos auf Lernfrosch. The aim of these investigations is to identify prognostic factors and to define the molecular pathogenisis of gliomas.

For calculating progression free survival the following definitions were applied: Diencephalic syndrome —DS in itself is a clinical condition for starting therapy. Standard reassessment will be requested during follow-up at the age of six years. It is disturbing that the time to failure from beginning of chemotherapy to progressive disease was less than 4 months in a third of the patients, thus immediately following induction Table Supratentorial midline tumors in children not affected by NF I.

Focal radiotherapy follows general guidelines.

Tests of visual function Children should be assessed through a combination of direct and indirect testing pertinent to their ages. Manuals for handling, tumor boxes for shipment and tumor banks for storage are available. The same forms will be used in this study as for PNET 4. Yet, to avoid prolonged treatment free intervals 6 weeks additional Vincristin will be given in weeks 2 and 3 of each cycle.

Table 27 shows the recommended frequency of ophthalmological examination for children participating in this study. Furthermore, NF1 children treated with cerebral irradiation may be at a higher risk than the normal population of developing severe and potentially fatal vascular complications CapelliGrill