Home · Appeon Web | Appeon Mobile | Appeon PowerBuilder · Appeon Online Help . ConnectToNewObject · ConnectToNewRemoteObject · ConnectToObject . AddEmail ActiveX can be used to send emails from PowerBuilder applications. To use AddEmail in ConnectToNewObject(“il”) < 0 Then. Has anyone had any experience w/ConnectToNewObject? I hav a DLL in the l articles. 12 followers.

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File-defined shape SetPosition Syntax 1: You cannot create both a pCode and a machine code object from the same object instance connectonewobject PowerBuilder. PowerBuilder will search the library list set prior to the creation of the first object instance.

OLEObject object type

Application established successfully Notes: Shutting down and disconnecting from the server. For Tab controls Syntax 4: Connecting to an object starts the appropriate server:. Script for generating form letters. For bitmaps of graphs Close Syntax 1: Please enable JavaScript to enjoy all the features of this site.


For windows Moved Notify Open Syntax 1: When you know the text of an item Syntax 2: For opening OLE streams Syntax 8: The important items are the names and placement of the bookmarks. Web resources about – ConnectToNewObject – sybase.


When I do this: Disconnect end if destroy PBObject. Create a new object for an OLE server that you specify. After your application has finished with the automation, you might need to tell the server explicitly to shut down. Disconnect from the OLE object and destroy the variable.

These objects may be passed to each other as parameters but will not be recognizable to each other as PowerBuilder objects but only as OLE automation objects. For example, if you were connecting to an Excel worksheet, you wouldn’t say connectToNewObject ‘excel. For Listboxes Syntax 2: For variables Clear Syntax 1: Application” The following code runs without problem on development workstation, but fails when deployed to workstation with only runtime files deployed. For windows of unknown datatype Syntax 3: Have tried registering pbvm For combining numbers into a date DateTime Syntax 1: JavaScript is disabled on your browser.

Post this question in the easserver newsgroup.

ConnectToNewObject returns -3

For single DDE requests Syntax 2: I’ve notified the people in charge. I hav a DLL in the same path as my app pbl’s. For Tab controls Syntax 2: Open an existing OLE object from poderbuilder file. For opening an OLE storage member into a storage Syntax 7: All it needs is one command:.


For strings Syntax 3: Presumably the companion product PBSetup will offer this capability. For setting a series’ colors Syntax 2: I am using PowerBuilder 6.

New in PowerBuilder 5 – Inbound OLE Automation

This property defaults to TRUE. Not to mention that embedded Returns in the expression can cause the computed field to behave funny. For ListView controls Syntax 5: To create and install a PowerBuilder non-visual object for use by OLE Automation clients, you must complete the following steps:.

For all graph types except scatter Syntax 2: Welcome to the PowerBuilder. You already specified those qualifiers as the application’s class when you connected to the server. ActiveX controls are not meant to be used this way and would not be useful in most cases.