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The CFM56 core is based on the GE F engine .. CFMA vs –5B Design. CFMA EGT MARGIN is the difference between. Ok, the CFM56 is on the A and the BClassic and NG. . specific since the CFMA, -5B and -5C are three very different engines. In , Tech Insertion became the production configuration for all CFMB engines, further providing operators with significant improvements in fuel.

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In August Southwest Airlines Flight suffered a fan blade failure, but landed later without further incident. National Transportation Safety Board, 31 August Retrieved 16 November The lower speed allows the fan blades to operate more efficiently 5. GE was initially considering only contributing technology from its CF6 engine rather than its much more advanced F engine, developed for the B-1 Lancer supersonic bomber.

This type is used on the CFM engines that power many Airbus aircraft. This change was implemented to drive the larger fan on this variant.

CFM56 5A 5B Differences

Retrieved 12 May The second engine was then shipped to France and first ran there on 13 December SeeAppendixJ ECUusesN1discretemodifiertoreducethrustdifferences dueenginebuildup tolerances betweenindividualenginesoperatingatsameN1 N1trimlevels ormodifiers aredeterminedduringthetestcellrunandtheN1 trimisonlyactivebeyondMCTsetting N1commandisreducedwithintheECU,whichreducesN1actualspeedbya certainpercentagesothatdifferentthrustoutputscanbematched FlightdeckN1indicationremainsunaffected,exceptwhenindicatedN1gets closertotheindicatedredline.

Following the Kegworth accident, CFM56 engines difcerences to a Dan-Air and a British Midland suffered fan blade failures under similar conditions; neither incident resulted in a crash or injuries.

An annular combustor is a continuous ring where fuel is injected into the airflow and ignited, raising the pressure and temperature of the flow. Retrieved 2 August Among the changes from the CFMA is the option of a double-annular combustor cfm6 reduces emissions particularly NO xa new fan in a longer fan case, and a new low-pressure compressor with a fourth stage up from three in earlier variants.


Engines assembled in France were subject to the initially strict export agreement, which meant that GE’s core was built in the U. GE reportedly argued at the highest levels that having half of differencss market was better than having none of it, which they believed would happen if Difrerences pursued the engine on their own without GE’s contribution.

Very similar to the dry weight of an automobile.

CFM International CFM56 – Wikipedia

LEAP entered service in United States military gas turbine aircraft engine designation system. 5a double flameout occurred in hail conditions the pilots managed to relight the enginesfollowed by the TACA Flight incident in Airlines have reported 32 events involving sudden instability of thrust, at various points during flight, including high thrust settings during climb to altitude.

CFMI was made responsible for the day-to-day decision making for the project, while major decisions developing a new variant, for example required the go-ahead from GE and Snecma management. National Security Decision Memorandum The CFM56 is a high-bypass turbofan engine most of the air accelerated by the fan bypasses the core of the engine and is exhausted out of the fan case with several variants having bypass ratios ranging from 5: Contemporary reports state that the agreement was based on assurances that the core of the engine, the part that GE was developing from the military F, would be built in the U.


The wings were closer to the ground than previous applications for the CFM56, necessitating several modifications to the engine. CFMb basic engine operation Documents.

At the time it was not mandatory to flight test new variants of existing engines, and certification testing failed to reveal vibration modes that the fan experienced during the regularly performed power climbs at high altitude. GE and Snecma also tested the effectiveness of chevrons on reducing jet noise. In some variants, the HPT blades are “grown” from a single crystal superalloygiving them high strength and creep resistance.

Launched inthe package included redesigned high-pressure compressor blades, an improved combustor, and improved high- and low-pressure turbine components [30] [31] which resulted in better fuel efficiency and lower nitrogen oxides NO x emissions.

The CFM56 also supports pivoting-door type thrust reversers. The problem has been long-standing. Retrieved 28 May The Snecma components the fore and aft sections of the engine were brought into the room, GE employees mounted them to the core, and then the assembled engine was taken out to be finished.

Shrouds at the tips of fan blades are often used to minimize air leakage around the tips.

The two companies saw mutual benefit in the collaboration and met several more times, fleshing out the basics of the joint project.