电子发烧友 电子技术论坛 EIA STANDARD EIA/CEAB A DTV Profile for Uncompressed. Advanced Timing and CEA/EIAB Timings. NOTE: To use the Advanced Timing page, you must be an advanced user and familiar with the concepts of. The newly adopted EIA/CEAB (B) standard defines protocols for sending DTV signals over an uncompressed digital video interface.

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Second, SMPTE M uses a composite sync while this document uses separate sync signals, thus eliminating the need for serrations during vertical sync. The cex device then formats the picture and scales the horizontal resolution for the proper display.

Line Number of End of Top Bar – An unsigned integer value representing the last line of a horizontal letterbox bar area at the top of the picture.

The list of audio cda types ce given in Table It shall not be sent more than once per video frame. There can be up to 32 bytes following any tag, therefore there may be up to 10 Short Audio Descriptors in the Audio Data Block.

In order to convey the information across the interface, a packet structure is used. Four basic video format timings from are defined in this document for countries using 60 Hz.

Therefore, in this standard the pixel repeat value can vary from 1 to The last timing extension may contain less than six byte descriptors. 8661b the annexes on how to apply this standard to the individual interfaces available at the time of this writing. Also, ces mechanism allowing the source device to discover all supported formats and the preferred formats of a DTV Monitor is described. Several types of audio may be supported, but each one must be listed in its own short audio descriptor with its designated code and the associated information.


Eia cea-861b

681b The EDID data structure includes manufacturer name and serial number, product type, phosphor or filter type, timings supported by the display, display size, luminance data and for digital displays only pixel mapping data.

Sync on green supported.

Monitor range limits required ASCII text monitor name requiredmonitor serial number or unstructured text 6 Additional standard timing information blocks Colour point data. Like A, B is fully backward compatible with and requires the use of a backward compatible version of the interface used with e.

Extended Display Identification Data

Version 3 also includes four new optional types of data blocks: Audio InfoFrame Data Byte Active Format Description A data structure that describes what portion of the picture actually contains useful information i. Its principle use was to indicate to the DTV Monitor the intended picture aspect ratio of a video format timing that is available in more than one picture aspect ratio. This standard B specifies new requirements for the use of this timing extension see Section 7. Several new InfoFrames to provide additional information about the source device and stream.

Comparison of display technology.

EIA-CEAB 协议_百度文库

The source device then chooses its output format, taking into account the format of the original video stream and the formats supported by the DTV Monitor. Synchronizing signal data for DVI FA — FF currently defined. If either byte is 0, screen size and aspect ration are 861g e.


To support the Xi, Xi, Xp or Xp video formats, the pixels are double clocked for each line to meet the minimum speed requirements of the interface. Similarly, System Information, program information, events, service descriptors, etc. The optional A formats i. This format is available in only Organizations may obtain permission to reproduce a limited number of copies through entering into a license agreement.

In most cases, it is possible to identify the audio by parsing the actual audio stream e.

Advanced Timings|NVIDIA

In other words, it is the portion of the picture that does 861h contain useful information. To be able to accommodate this extension and other extensions such as the extension containing additional detailed timing descriptorsa Cae Monitor may need to use E-DDC to be able to include more than one extension.

Standard sRGB colour space. In many cases, the DTV Monitor will be able to determine the video format from the video itself. Use of this information by the DTV Monitor is optional.