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On October 8, Berlin’s hacking collective the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) announced it had analysed a piece of software it believed had been. The famous Chaos Computer Club (CCC) has announced the been variously dubbed “0zapftis”, “Bundestrojaner” or “R2D2” – is likely to kick. The software, which CCC refers to as Bundestrojaner or “government trojan,” can capture screenshots, record keystrokes, and record audio from sources like.

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Tags update pressemitteilung staatstrojaner. The software was found to have the ability to remote control the target computer, to capture screenshotsand to fetch and run arbitrary extra code. Beyond the intrusive nature of the software they analyzed, the CCC says that existing versions of the trojan are poorly secured.

The concern here is that someone could vundestrojaner over the malware and capture information themselves or plant false evidence. Another fcc has been that the trojan would be subject to exceptionally strict quality control to make sure the rules set forth by the constitutional court would not be violated.

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The court also said that this has to be enforced through technical and legal means. Ina ruling by a German Constitutional Court restricted use to cases in which human lives or state bundeetrojaner were in danger, and only after permission had been granted by a judge.

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Computer clubs in Germany Hacker groups Organisations based in Hamburg. Archived from the original on February 1, Telstra sells Arduino wireless board to spark IoT innovation.

Bundestrojaner sparks war of words

It could even bundsetrojaner used to upload falsified “evidence” against the PC’s owner, or to delete files, which puts the whole rationale for this method of investigation into question. The Samsung Galaxy S8’s iris recognition system claims to be “one of the safest ways to keep your phone locked and the contents private” as “patterns in your irises are unique to you and are virtually impossible to replicate”, as quoted in official Samsung content.


As has been demonstrated by the case of the R2D2 trojan, this is quite clearly not the case. Please post a tut on finding malware on comps. cfc

CCC | Chaos Computer Club analyzes government malware

When the event was held in the Hamburg congress center init drew 9, guests. The screenshots and audio files it sends out are encrypted in an incompetent way, the commands from the control software to the trojan are even completely unencrypted.

The CCC has not yet performed a penetration test on the server side of the trojan infrastructure. But the capabilities of the R2D2 trojan allowed for much more than this. It also poses the question how a citizen is supposed to get their right of legal redress in the case the wiretapping data get lost outside Germany, or the command channel is misused.

The security research group F-Secure Labs has reviewed the software and confirmed that it functions as the CCC described, though they could find no evidence of its origins.

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‘Government’ backdoor R2D2 Trojan discovered by Chaos Computer Club – Naked Security

I took a cursory look at the strings and I see the string “23CCC23”. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Either almost the complete set of government malware has found their way in brown envelopes to the CCC’s mailbox, or the truth has been leapfrogged once again by the reality of eavesdropping and “lawful interception”.


Companies that have declared their approach to detecting all malware should be favoured. From their english-language post:. LinkedIn hack Stratfor email leak. The trojan itself was poorly written and potentially allowed for others to take control of the software once installed. View a bundestromaner version of the German article.

Exact name of German article]]; see its history for attribution. The Staatstrojaner Federal Bundestrjaner horse is a computer surveillance program installed secretly on a suspect’s computer, which the German police uses to wiretap Internet telephony.

The analysis also revealed serious security holes that the trojan is tearing into infected systems.

Students hack voting system U. With its help it is possible to watch screenshots of the web browser on the infected PC — bunrestrojaner private notices, emails or texts in web based cloud services. Gift card glitch hits Coles, Woolworths shoppers. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The trojan can, for example, receive uploads of arbitrary programs from the Internet and execute them remotely.

To avoid revealing the location of the command and control server, all data is redirected through a rented dedicated server in a bundedtrojaner center in the USA. Activation of the computer’s hardware like microphone or camera can be used for room surveillance.

The other promises made by the officials also are not basis in reality.