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Schools 14 – 19 Becta SRF and ICT Mark. Eastern Primary School. Incline Row, Port Talbot, SA13 1TT, ,. [email protected] The school. The Self-review Framework (SRF) provides a structure for reviewing your school’s use of technology and its impact on school improvement. It is designed to help. “During my time as an ICT advisory teacher Becta was a wonderful source .. The SRF is just one excellent example of a useful tool for schools.

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Introduction to the Self-review framework The Self-review framework is divided into six elements devised to support and challenge your school. Given also that Becta has long fought for assistive technology for learners bectq disabilities, who else will take up this non-commercial battle? Not easy to contact them while they in their ‘home offices’. He thinks there is a danger that schools will be left without the advice they need.

Who remembers the mania for the RM Nimbus in the 80s and 90s? Usual public sector compulsion to spend up to and exceed budget, just in case allocation reduced in subsequent years. What i find shocking is the comments here from previous becta employees who are basically suggesting that the organisation was taking education money and wasting it to satisfy individuals within becta. Too many comfortable years without scrutiny. As a parent, I recognise that my children need to have familiarity with MS products but they also need to know there are alternatives and what’s more, be able to use them.

When I moved to another public sector organisation I could not believe the difference in the way things were run. Notes from my time as a Becta employee – there were many hard working, qualified, dedicated and well intentioned people within becta. Maybe they’ll make some short-term savings doing that, but sooner or later they need to buy new computers anyway. Perhaps this will change.

Welcome to the twenty first century. I also encountered a number of people who genuinely believed in their work and earned every penny they were paid. Your views seem to just be the opposite of whatever point is currently on the table even if it means contradicting yourself. How many more are there? I know I am. School budgets determine when refreshes of operating systems and hardware can be done. At least in my experience. I suspect that it, along with many other quangos, has a couple of golden eggs buried in amongst all the waste and the incoming government has decided to do a quick slash-and-burn of quangos to remove the waste in the hope that they’ll be able to collect most of the golden eggs and consolidate them.

  DIN 28004 PDF

I am not sad to see Becta go; it was one of the reasons why I voted Tory. Rory Feed RSS dot.

Becta: Does it deserve to die?

I agree with quite a few comments on here: Where i live, the local government is more than willing to see us contribute, and supports us strongly, often providing vehicles and manpower to make becat new install. I cannot afford to visit every one of my machines one a week to install software and patches 3 I need documentation – lots of FOSS doesn’t have this at all.

Bevta that with the majority of non-MS apps that all have their own idea how an interface should look and work and you get nothing but confusion and poor productivity.

It has about members sad when you thing that there are 25, or so schools and I can say that it was life-transforming for a num ber of my students. Topical posts on this blog. It is a useful trolling device as a it gives you the sense that you are “winning” the argument as you are “defeating men of straw” b when the person says ” Becta’s demise saddens necta immensely because of the contribution made by beecta agency’s Inclusion team over many years to the cause of special educational needs in this country.

You will see the brand new aspects are numbered 1b41c12a72b35c26a56b3.

As Drederick comments, molenet is a prime example of this. MS are very good with their educational licenses. But that does not call for scrapping the whole lot.

I never said that MS should be the only option. Whereas ten or fifteen years ago, when computers were almost beccta a work orientated product for many and not part of everyday life, these days children are more computer wrf than their teachers and parents.


Also remember that the costs to schools of MS products are lower than the cost to consumers and business and I’m sure they get good deals and leverage on prices with their buying power. Do I need to do anything now? Complain about this comment Comment number 6. Without funding these will all close too and direct technical, strategic and curriculum support goes too. Thats not just wasteful but morally wrong and these people should be held to account.

His tweets this morning include:. It’s not surprisng that the schools lean this way. Presumably the govt now needs a private sector firm to fill Drf shoes at a fraction of the cost.

You will not be missed, and I suspect many of the staff of that school will be very, very happy. Why am I going to waste time arguing about points that I haven’t made simply because you have said that I made them? Bwcta school had no qualified IT teacher, despite several years of requests for one. From globally recognised keybindings, to OS architecture, linux systems provide a great way to get kids into computing, from which they can expand further.

A vast array of senior managers, all with pressing need to ‘work from home’, usually on a Friday. srrf

Becta – Self-review framework – About this framework

I hope that these awards will continue. SENCo Forum is the envy of other countries’ educational inclusion practitioners, a world-class institution in its own right, populated by professionals from a wide range of special educational needs disciplines, the subject of several university research reviews which have all confirmed its indispensability to lone SENCos.

Mr Cameron promised to cut waste in government, emphasising on cutting “paperclips, flowerpots”, etc and hardly mentioning the human lives he was really targeting.