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COMIST 72) to run fan and a electric .. COMIST 72 N HEAVY OIL BURNERS SECTION .. Baltur reserves the right to change them without previous notice. baltur® Oil Burners are available as Gas, Light Oil, Heavy Oil and Dual Fuel. Industrial Units Available . COMIST 72 DSPGM. – COMIST DSPGM. 1) Noise levels measured in the Baltur laboratories by means of microphone positioned 1 metre behind the burner running on test boiler, at COMIST 72 N.

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The works on the burner and on the esystem have to be carried out only by competent people. Bwltur, for low NOx emissions Description: They indicate how to act to avoid the essential safety of the components being compromised by incorrect or erroneous installation and by improper or unreasonable use. The warning notes provided in this guide also seek to make the consumer more aware of safety problems in general, using necessarily technical but easily understood language.


The manufacturer is not liable contractually or extra contractually for any damage caused by errors in installation and in use, or where there has been any failure to cmoist the manufacturer s instructions. Carefully read the warnings in the booklet as they contain important information regarding safe installation, use and maintenance.

Keep the booklet to bqltur for consultation when needed. Equipment must be installed in accordance with current regulations, with the manufacturer s instructions and by qualified technicians.

By the term qualified technicians is meant persons that are competent in the field of heating components for civil use and co,ist the production of hot water and, in particular, assistance centres authorised by the manufacturer. Incorrect installation may cause damage or injury to persons, animals or cimist.

The manufacturer will not in such cases be liable. After removing all the packaging make sure the contents are complete and intact. If in doubt do not use the equipment and return it to the supplier. The packaging materials wooden crates, nails, staples, plastic bags, expanded polystyrene, etc.

They should also be collected and disposed on in suitably prepared places so that they do no pollute the environment. Before carrying out any cleaning or maintenance, switch off the equipment at the mains supply, using the system s switch or shut-off systems. If there is any fault or if the equipment is not working properly, de-activate the equipment and do not attempt to repair it or tamper with it directly. In such case get in touch with only qualified technicians. Failure to act as above may jeopardise the safety of the equipment.

To ensure the efficiency and correct working of the equipment, it is essential to have periodic maintenance carried out by qualified technicians following the manufacturer s instructions. For all equipment with optionals or kits including electricalonly original accessories must be used. Any other use must be regarded as improper use and hence dangerous.

Baltur BT 75 DSG 3V Brülör

The burner must be installed in a suitable room that has ventilation in accordance with current regulations and in any case sufficient to ensure correct combustion Do not obstruct or reduce the size of the burner air intake grills or the ventilation openings for the room where a burner or a boiler is installed or dangerous mixtures of toxic and explosive gases may form.

Before connecting the burner check that the details on the plate correspond to those of the utility supplies electricity, gas, light oil or other fuel. Do not touch hot parts of the burner. These, normally in the areas near to the flame and any fuel pre-heating system, become hot when the equipment is working and stay hot for some time after the burner has stopped. If it is decided not to use the burner any more, the following actions must be performed by bqltur technicians: Special warning notes Check that the person who carried out the installation of the burner fixed it securely to the heat generator so that the flame is generated inside the combustion chamber of the generator itself.

Before starting batlur the burner, and at least once a year, have qualified technicians perform the following operations: If the burner repeatedly stops in lock-out, do not keep trying to manually reset but call a qualified technicians to sort out the problem.

The running and maintenance of the equipment must only be carried out by qualified technicians, in compliance with current regulations. It is necessary to check this essential safety requirement. If in doubt, call for a careful electrical check by a qualified technicians, since the manufacturer will not be liable for any damage caused by a poor ground connection. Have qualified technicians check that the wiring is suitable for the maximum power absorption of the equipment, as indicated in the bltur plate, making sure in particular that the diameter of cables is sufficient for the equipment s power absorption.


Adapters, multiple plugs and extension comizt may not be used for the equipment s power supply. An ominpolar switch in accordance with current safety regulations is required for the mains supply connection. The electrical supply to the burner must have neutral to ground connection. If the ionisation current has control with neutral not to ground it is essential to make a connection between terminal 2 neutral and the ground for the RC circuit.


The use baptur any components that use electricity means that certain fundamental rules have to followed, including the comsit The power supply cable for the equipment not must be replaced by the user.

If the cable gets damaged, switch off the equipment, and call only on qualified technicians for its replacement. If you decide not to use the equipment for a while it is advisable to switch off the electrical power supply to all components in the system that use electricity pumps, burner, etc.

Special warning notes when using gas Have qualified technicians check the following: Do not use the gas pipes to ground electrical equipment. Do not leave the equipment on when it is not in use and always close the gas tap. If the user of is fomist for some time, close the main gas domist tap to the burner. If you smell gas: Do not block ventilation openings in the room where there is gas equipment or dangerous situations may arise with the build up of toxic and explosive mixtures. In the above situation, traditional flues in terms of their diameter and heat insulation may be suitable because the significant cooling of the combustion products in these permits temperatures to fall even below the condensation point.

In a flue that works with condensation there is soot at the point the exhaust reaches the atmosphere when burning light oil or heavy balthr or the presence of condensate water along the flue itself when gas is being burnt methane, LPG, etc. Flues connected to high efficiency boilers and similar must therefore be of a size section and heat insulation for the specific use to avoid such problems as those described above.

Before installation it is advisable to carry out careful internal cleaning of all tubing for the fuel feed system to remove any residues that could jeopardise the proper working of the burner.

For first start up of the equipment have qualified technicians carry out the following checks: If you decide not to use the burner for a while, close the tap or taps that supply the fuel.

The value of the fuel feed pressure at the burner pump 0,5 2 bar should not vary when the burner is at a standstill or when it is operating at the maximum fuel delivery required by the boiler. The dimension of the pipelines should be in function with their length and with the output of the pump utilized. Our instructions cover the basic requirements needed to ensure efficient operations.

All rules and regulations existing in the country of installation should be strictly complied with and the local fire brigade should be consulted. The thank for recovery of hot oil diameter mm, height mm should be installed as near as possible to the burner and about 0. During the fuel oil pre-heating phase, voltage passes through the regulation thermostat of the pre-heater and reaches the relay coil of the resistances. The relay closes and takes current to the resistances which, in turn, heat the fuel contained in the pre-heater.

By operating Panel Switch Ithe resistances which heat the pump and the atomizer group are also inserted only for version The control box will be connected only when the temperature in the pre-heater reaches the value at which it has been set and causes the resistances The minimum thermostat of the pre-heater baotur when the temperature reaches the value at which it has been set.

The control box cyclic relay of the burner is therefore connected by the regulation thermostat of the pre-heater when it excludes the resistances by disinserting the relative relay. The cyclic relay control box carries out the ignition programme by starting up the fan motor in order to effect the pre-ventilation phase.


If the air pressure supplied by the fan is sufficient to cause the intervention of the relative galtur switch, the pump motor will be turned on immediately and will carry out a pre-circulation of hot oil in the burner pipes.

Oil from the pump reaches balltur pre-heater, is heated to the correct temperature and when it comes out it passes through a filter before reaching the atomizer unit. The hot oil circulates in the atomizer unit without coming out of the nozzle because the passage leading to the outward and return nozzles are closed. This closure is carried out by comst pins applied to the ends of the rods.

These pins are pressed against their seats by strong springs which are situated at the opposite ends of the rods. The oil circulates, comes galtur of the atomizer group return, goes through the sump where the TRU thermostat is inserted and arrives at the return pressure regulator; it passes through this and reaches the pump return and from there is discharged into the return.


Hot oil xomist, as described above, is carried out at a pressure value slightly higher some bar than the minimum pressure at which the return pressure regulator has been set 10 12 bar. The duration time of the pre-ventilation and oil pre-circulation phase is 22,5 seconds. This time can be extended theoretically indefinitely because a special device in the electric circuit does not allow the ignition programme to be carried out until the temperature of the fuel in the nozzle return pipeline has reached the baltjr at which the TRU thermostat thermostat on the nozzle return has been set.

This special device comistt not allow the fuel to pass through the nozzle until it has reached at least the temperature at which the TRU thermostat has been set. Normally, intervention of the TRU thermostat takes place within the pre-ventilation time 22,5 seconds ; if it doesn t, pre-ventilation and fuel oil pre-circulation are extended until the intervention of the TRU thermostat.

The intervention of the TRU thermostat oil in circulation sufficiently hot allows the control box to domist with carrying out the ignition programme by inserting the ignition transformer which in turn feeds the electrodes with high voltage.

This moving backwards of the rods also determines a closing of the passage by-pass inside the atomizer unit. Consequently, the pump pressure is taken to the normal value of about bar. Deviation of the two rods from the closing seat, now permits the fuel to enter the nozzle at the pressure at which the pump has been regulated at 20 22 barand comes balltur of the nozzle adequately atomized. The return pressure, which determines delivery to the furnace, is regulated by the return pressure regulator.

The value of the ignition flow rate minimum delivery should be about bar. The atomized fuel which comes out of the nozzle is mixed with air supplied by the fan and is then ignited by the spark of the electrodes.

Flame presence is detected by the photoresistant cell. The programme proceeds and, after 5 seconds, surpasses the shut down position, disconnects the ignition and by now, the burner is operating at minimum output. If the boiler thermostat or pressure switch of the 2nd stage allows it regulated at a temperature or pressure value superior to that existing in the boilerthe servomotor which regulates the fuel delivery starts turning and determines a gradual increase in the abltur delivery and in the relative combustion air until it reaches the maximum delivery value at which the burner has been regulated.

The increase in fuel delivery is determined by a disk with a varied profile which, by rotating, can determine a greater compression of the return pressure regulator spring and thus an increase in the pressure itself.

When the return pressure increases, there is also a corresponding increase in fuel delivery. There should also be an adequate increase in combustion air to meet the increase in fuel delivery. Adjustment can be carried out at first regulation by operating the screws which vary the profile of the command disk of the combustion air regulator.

Fuel and combustion air delivery both increase at the same time until they reach maximum value fuel pressure at the return pressure regulator is equal to about bar if the pressure at the pump is at the value of bar. The burner remains in the maximum delivery position until the temperature or pressure reaches the limit set for the intervention of the boiler thermostat or pressure switch of t 2 nd stage and makes the servomotor regulating delivery rotate in the opposite sense of direction.

The return movement of the modulation motor causes a reduction in fuel delivery and a relative reduction in combustion air. Should the maximum temperature pressure, if steam boiler be reached even with fuel and combustion air delivery at a minimum, the thermostat pressure switch, if steam boiler will intervene when the value at which it has been set is reached, and bring the burner to a standstill.

When the temperature pressure, if steam boiler drops below the intervention limit of the shut down device, the burner will start up again as previously described. This will rotate in such a way as to obtain an increase or a decrease.

Control box specifications Pre-ignition Time in seconds The air pressure switch must be set when the burner is started up and must be in function with the pressure value verified during operation with the ignition flame.

The minimum thermostat of the pre-heater closes when the temperature reaches the value at which it has been set. The control box will be connected only when the temperature in the pre-heater reaches the value at which it has been set and causes the resistances to be disinserted an opening of the contact of the regulation thermostat ; therefore, the fuel oil in the pre-heater should be at maximum temperature.