It look a little different than I used in the tutorial because I added more parts in the 3D model Autodesk D – Intro to Sketches Video Series: First Sketch, and ( This one was prepared for D beta 4, everything pretty much similar to beta9.

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There’s nothing wrong with posting this on a Blender oriented website. Autodewk program is definitely not free. This is not the first time Autodesk had released something for free.

Over the past few years, millions of people have unlocked their creativity with the Autodesk D apps and community. People get too obsessed with running open source apps and steering clear of anything Windows or commercial.

Autodesk D beta – Free Solid modeling for Builders – BlenderNation

Wehrdo on June 6, It has brought some publicity, but most of all: Why in the world does a company need all that personal information just to download a program?

I hope this helps clear things up for you and the many others who have asked the same question Reply. I think d is really powerful in an area where Blender is still lacking: While I prefer remaining strictly Blender I have enjoyed an occasional stray newsbit.


Its lets us keep an open mind rather than be a blender only community.

To help build a model, Slicer for Fusion also creates 3D instructions you can interact with. We offer free Autodesk software for students and educators.

I’m not sure about Linux. They can be a cool company sometimes. About OS debates, just get Blender website access statistics http: And so i expect that news are related to Blender. I was less enthusiastic but still willing to download till I discovered the ridiculously large size of the program.

Autodesk D beta 9 | Visual Communication Design

Lets hope it remains so. You could not grow big but you could still learn the program. I thought that was changing.

Maddes on June 6, Those tools are essencial to build and think through a product design without the need to rebuild geometry.

This fits the critera easily, and 3d printing to boot! The program is in beta and thus it can be expected that further tools will or might be added.


At least it’s a software for their own prinitng-service. But there still is a focus on Blender. As to why it’s here: This also enables Autodesk to offer this product 123dd free. The software does not work in Linux, does not export to.

Bart on June 7, You guys act really quite childish.

Autodesk 123D apps

tutoriial So it is a sin that they save the design tree in their own native application format as each software on the world does and enable you to share your work through various in the industry widely accepted and proven industrial strength file formats?

I agree that blendernation should only inform us about 3D softwares which are related to Autodrsk workflow. Well, I’m not going to bash Autodesk in here. I heard about this product some time ago and actually went to the download site.