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I did my internship in marketing department of KAMAL (Pvt) Ltd. It is one of the well-known company at national level in labels fabrication. It has a lot of expertise . Purpose of commercial bank is to earn profit.” IBA University of the Punjab Lahore. 1. ACBL. Internship Report. HISTORY OF ASKARI COMMERCIAL BANK. I opted for Askari Commercial Bank Limited. internship report has been prepared just in accordance with the practical exposure. With an intention of grooming.

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Thank you for interesting in our services. We are a non-profit group that run this website to share documents. We need your help to maintenance this website. Please help us to share our service with your friends. Home internship report on askari-bank internship report on askari-bank July 14, Author: The stable an organize banking policy is much effective to improve the level of saving and consequently the level of investment. The monitory policy is adopted and controlled by the bank but its success depends upon the cooperation of commercial banks.

The shortage of supply of capital can be improved better and organized banking system because the banks can increasing the saving through launching the various attractive schemes in various productive sectors banks also produce credit money and through this way resources are supplied to productive sectors of the country.

In Pakistan following types of banks are operating in the business circle like economics. These banks are set up on commercial basis. Therefore, their primary objective is to earn profit And maximize it is geport as possible. For this they received cash deposits from the people in different accounts. They give loans to different business enterprises and thereby create credit money.

The State Bank of Inernship is the central bank of Pakistan, Commercial Banks, financial institutions and cooperative banks are the other components of the banking system. They provide credit to importers and exporters by discounting foreign bills of exchange. This bank does not deal with public directly. This means that it neither receives cash deposits from the people nor its give them loans. Therefore it is not a profit making institution.

It started its operations from April 01, Askari Bank Limited has expanded into a nation reoprt presence of over a branches, comprising commercial and Islamic banking branches, connected online and supported by a network of Automated Teller Machines ATMs. It also enjoys an offshore banking unit in Bahrain. Over the years, Askari Bank Limited has proven its strength as a leading banking sector entity with ever increasing commitment to its clients, through a strategic investment in electronic technology.

Askari Commercial Bank Limited was the first bank in Pakistan to offer Internet banking Services and B2B e-commerce Business to Business electronic Commerce solutions for merchants looking to purchase on credit. We subscribe to a culture of high ethical standards, based on the development of right attitudes. We believe in our ‘core values’ as the essential and enduring tenets of our organization – the very small set of guiding principles that have a profound impact on how everyone in the organization thinks and acts.

They have an intrinsic value for us and bear significant importance to all our employees.

Internship Report on Askari Bank Limited – PDF Free Download

They are the few extremely powerful guiding principles; the soul of the organization – the values that guide all our actions. The intrinsic values, which are the corner stones of our corporate behavior, are: I n s p i r i n g R e l a t i o n s h i p s From knowing our customers requirements to understanding employee needs, from utilizing modern technology to making responsible social contributions, from enhancing stake-holders value to practising corporate ethics We are continuously and consistently striving to address newer challenges with a single motivation: Muhammad Najam Ali Director Mr.


Muhammad Afzal Munif Director Mr. Ziauddin Ahmad Road, Karachi — P. Personal Finance Personal Finance is a parameter driven product for catering to the needs of the general public belonging to different segments.

One can avail unlimited opportunities through Askari Bank’s Personal Finance. Once a good credit history is established, the door to opportunity opens much wider. Our goal is to offer a loan, which enables business community to receive the financing required by them based on their cash flows.

Our valued customers can enjoy the convenience of getting financing on attractive terms with the minimum processing turnaround time. There are three types of credit cards issued. Silver and Gold card can be used internationally for shopping and also can be used for internet shopping. In spite of our constraint on issuing higher denomination of RTCs against restrictions imposed by the Central Bank of Pakistan we have been striving to attain our shares with sizeable portfolio.

The growth of this product is witnessed by its share, which has presently reached at Rs. Accepting Deposits Cash in the hand of the people is unsafe because it can be lost. Bank promises to solve these problems of people.

ASKARI BANK LIMITED Internship report. ASKARI BANK LIMITED Internship report.

Banks receives three types of deposits from the people. Advancing Internehip Every bank has learn experience that depositors do not draw whole of their deposits at a time. They only draw a part of it for day to day transactions. Creation of the safest medium of exchange: It is neither safe nor easy to make payment in the form of metallic coins or paper notes.

Therefore, payments are made by cheques these days. Agency Services A commercial bank performs many services as an agent of its clients or depositors. It makes payments on order cheques issued by its depositors. Teport receives the amount of money on crossed cheques issued in the favour of its clients and deposits the amount in their accounts. General Utility Services A bank provides general utility services to its clients as well, for example it keeps their precious documents, gold ornaments, bonds and shares etc.

Financing of Foreign Trade. A commercial bank receives foreign exchange earned by exporters and makes payment also in foreign exchange in foreign countries on behalf of importers. It also advances loans. A customer is the person who maintains a regular bank accounts reporf taking in to consideration the duration and frequency of operation of his accounts it means that the person becomes a customer of the bank as soon as he open his accounts deposit money in the same and the bank accepts the said deposit.

He should not be a minor because a minor is not competent to contrect. He should have not been debarred from entering in to any contract under the law. The customer offer the money to deposit and banker offers to accept it. To draw cheques against his credit balance in the account. To receive pass book or statement of his account.

To sue the bank for the cost, loss and damages, when his cheque is wrongfully dishonoured by the banker. To sue when the banker has not maintained the secrecy of his account, except when it is done under compulsion of law in the interest of the bank or as the duty to public.

To keep his cheque book under lock and key To draw the cheques very carefully so that there is no room for any fraudulent additions or alterations. To see that the cheque issued by him presented to the bank for payment with in a reasonable time.


These fraud could have been avoided in if the branch managers and other designated officers had taken due care and exercised required precautions at the time of opening of accounts. This infect will be the only opportunity when they will be able to talk to the prospective customers in a friendly and frank atmosphere.

This is the time when they have a slight edge over the customer. He or she at this point of time is willing to divulge as much information about his personal status and business etc to the bank manager. It is therefore necessary that due care and proper procedure be followed for opening different types of accounts for various types of customers.

At the time of opening the account, intended customer must have the following characteristics: However, the age of majority shall be 21 years in case of European nationals and also where guardian is appointed under the guardians and wards act. A person who is under the age specified herein above is considered a minor. As such, any contract with a minor is a void. Howeverthe banks generally allows the minor to open accounts with a view to inculcate in them the habits of saving. Such account is opened jointly with their guardian and are allowed to be operated by the guardian.

The guardian for the purpose will sign the account opening from and the specimen signature card. B He must be of sane mind A person is said to be of sane or sound mind it he understands the terms and the conditions of the contract and is capable enough to form rational judgement as the effects of the contract upon his interest.

C He must not be insolvent and bankrupt. At the time of opening the account, he should not be adjudicated as insolvent. Generally a person is considered as insolvent if his liabilities exceeds the assets he is possessing. D He must not be debarred under any law from entering into any contract.

It is the duty of the banker to make sure that all above criteria is satisfied before he allow the opening of the account. For general guidance of the officers, given below are the niternship points that must not escape askarri attention while opening the accounts.

Only in exceptional cases in main branches, the job may be assigned to other officers. As much relevant information as possible must be elicited from the prospective customer relating to his means, line and place of business etc.

Inetrnship and every column of the account opening form should be neatly and correctly filled in with necessary details. Account must be properly introduced.

In this concern, the following precautions are to be observed. I As for as possible, the person introducing the account should attend the babk with the prospective customer.

This would serve the dual purpose. A The branch manager shall have the opportunity of eliciting vital information as to the standing, respectability and the means of the person he is introducing.

B The identity of the customer must be properly established beyond any doubt. Iintroducing from person having doubtful dealing with the bank should be discretely declined. The staff member generally should not introduce the account. They will introduce accounts only for those persons who are personally known to them and whose credentials are absolutely clean. Specific information concerning the profession should be recorded in the account opening form.