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Rak was one of four men who claimed aliens abducted them while canoeing on Big Eagle Lake in the Allagash Wilderness Waterway. (Photo. In August of , twin brothers Jim and Jack Weiner, along with their two friends Charles Foltz and Charles Rack, headed to the Allagash in. The Allagash abductions is one of those UFO stories that stand out from all the others. It is considered one the top UFO stories in the United.

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Constantino agreed to hypnotize the four men, and in separate 3-hour sessions they all told the same story: The huge glowing ball, not to be outdone, moved towards them and lit up their canoe with a bright blue beam of light.

Not just that something weird had happened; he went in believing UFOs were at the heart of it. Follow this link to see a YouTube video featuring testimony from Foltz and the Weiner brothers regarding the Allagash Abductions. Curiously, the bonfire they had abductios only a little while before, and which abduchions have burned for hours and hours, was now nothing but smoldering embers.

The men thought it was strange that the fire that they had set minutes before they went fishing had completely burnt out, suggesting that they had been gone for several hours.

He went to his doctors and told them of the research being done by Dr. We are very happy to bring to you one of the most compelling and mysterious UFO and potential alien abduction cases from alagash perspective of the witnesses themselves.

Either way, they chose to build allagashh large fire on the shore so they could find their way back. When he came xbductions, the other men reported similar nightmares of being examined like animals by strange creatures.

The next thing any of them knew, they were all standing on the shoreline next to a fire that was burnt to little more than ash.

Sign In Don’t have an account? Rak said the group reported the bizarre experience the next day to a ranger on duty in the area, who Rak said quickly dismissed the sighting, attributing the lights as coming from a grand opening at a hardware store in the town of Millinocket. The four men decided to go under hypnosis; each agreed to go separately and not tell the other about what they remembered. List of scientific skeptics Committee for Skeptical Inquiry. Jim Weiner eventually shared his visions with renowned UFO researcher and author Raymond Fowler, after which allagwsh group underwent hypnosis with a man named Tony Constantino.


John Valley TimesCharles Rak changed his story, saying he saw strange lights during the camping trip, but the abduction part of the story was a total fabrication, and he went along with the narrative for financial gain.

This case deserves to be investigated further as I believe that not all the answers have been currently revealed!

They were exhausted, so they sought camp, slept and then got on with their lives. Rak also said during the August 31 interview that he and other members of the group had used recreational drugs on the night of the alleged abduction. Index of ufology articles. Every family has traditions. You may contact me at terrytibando gmail.

The Allagash Abductions – An Documentary |

Jim Weiner relayed an incident which he claims took place shortly after the Joan Rivers interview, during which he says Rak tried to convince the men of a new way to capitalize on the case. Rak said he and the others eventually had a falling out, after which he began telling people that the abductions never took place. On night abducyions or night five sources get the timeline confusedthe men decided to go fishing at night instead of during the day, as they had been doing.

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The Allagash Abductions

They were on either Smith Pond or Eagle Lake at the time. Some families have dinner together every evening; some have a game night where they all sit down and play Monopoly until accusations of cheating and sullen sore-losership ruin things. The fact that the park ranger instantly said searchlights were responsible for the lights is interesting.

The men all claimed that when they set out fishing on Big Eagle Lake the abductiions of the UFO sighting, they had left a large fire burning at their campsite as a beacon to guide them back to shore during the pitch-black night. One of the participants described it as “brilliant storytelling” while the abductioms three members of the alllagash stand by their alien abduction claim.

Finally, Chuck claimed that he had a good view of what the aliens were doing to Charlie. Anyway, I know now that Unsolved Mysteries is not a show you ought to let small children watch. Foltz denies any drug use among the Allafash Four during the outing. They noticed a weird light in the sky, which they initially assumed was an aircraft.


I spent many sleepless nights wondering at exactly what moment ghosts would come shooting out of my closet, or aliens would abduct me through the ceiling of my room, or when some faceless thug would murder me and make good his escape. Other than his UFO work, it should be abductiions, Mack was a pretty good guy.

Allagash abductions – Wikipedia

While the fire was still burning brightly and the men were just preparing to fish, a light that was similar to the one they had seen earlier appeared in the sky.

Charlie described the ship as like a doctor’s office. He also developed a large lump on his leg, which he had removed. The Allagash Abductions is one of those stories. Shelly Barclay writes on abductoins variety of topics from animal facts to mysteries in history.

On the way out, they asked a allaagsh ranger about the lights; he replied that they were searchlights. Allagash Waterfall in the vicinity of the abduction.

So what does this case boil down to? However, skeptics, such as Dr. Charlie tried to signal “S.

The men felt very fatigued and went to bed. Abductins Jacobs, one of the leading voices in the UFO community, and he was quite frank with his opinion on hypnosis: Could that have been motive to lie? John Mack both investigated and studied the case of the Allagash Abductions.

Allagash abductions

Suddenly, the object shot out a bright light, which began following the men along the water. The men began to paddle back to shore, but the next thing they remembered was being on shore and the bright light vanishing. More curiously, the four men were thoroughly uninterested: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.