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Ali Pashe Tepelena synonyms, Ali Pashe Tepelena pronunciation, Ali Pashe Tepelena translation, English dictionary definition of Ali Pashe Tepelena. n known. a Hty Gerald Jaupi History of the Ottoman Empire Ali Pasha: “ The lion Of Janina” “My, my, you love him a lot! What do you want, to canonize him. Ali Pasha Tepelena was born in at Tepelenë in southern Albania, and in his youth was a leader of brigands. Later he entered the service.

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His was getting old, and his health was betraying him more and more often.

Improving and empowering the region, Ali Pasha did not forget about the higher authority and never failed to send lavish gifts to the sultan as a sign of respect and gratitude. He was waiting for any possibility to pay back the people of Hormova and Gardhiqi. In early 19th century, Ali’s personal balladeerHaxhi Shekreti, [46] composed the poem Alipashiad.

You may find it helpful to search within the site to see how similar or related subjects are covered. Texts and Documents of Albanian History. His father, governor at Tepelene in S Albania, was murdered, and Ali went to live with the mountain brigands who infested the country. The sultan and the Ottoman officials did not like Ali Pasha either.

File:Ali Pasha Tepelena, Oil paint of Agim – Wikimedia Commons

It was quite a rash decision, because Napoleon knew France could be destroyed in this war, and Ali was able to raise a powerful army in a very short period of time. You may select the license of your choice.


Albanians were known as the strongest and most skilled warriors. His ambitions were to amass a great fortune, to avenge himself on his private enemies, and to become the independent ruler of Albania and part of Greece.

Also, Ali never liked Russians, and this was becoming more and more transparent for Russia Different tales about his sexual proclivities emerged from western visitors to Pasha’s court including Lord Byronthe Baron de Vaudoncourt[15] and Frederick North, Earl of Guildford.


File:Ali Pasha Tepelena, Oil paint of Agim Sulaj.jpg

He also gave support to the Greek struggle for liberation from Turkish rule. We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Harrygouvas at English Wikipediathe copyright holder of this work, hereby publishes it under the following licenses:. Feudal exploitation of the peasantry, on the other hand, increased. Loretta Chase’s historical romance novel The Lion’s Daughter includes Ali Pasha and a possible revolt against him by a cousin, Ismal. pasne

Ali Paşa Tepelenë

YES in wb sites beforeby other photos Author Harrygouvas. They were unfoundedly sentenced as adulteresses, tied up in sacks and drowned in Lake Pamvotis.

Internet URLs are the best. Gradeva Hty what a sultan could put blame on Ali Pasha; and at the same time he was polite and careful with his superiors.

Taking advantage of the disintegration of the center of power of the Ottoman Empire, he occupied Ioannina northern Greece inthen extended his power to include a considerable portion of Albania and Greece with a population in of nearly 1.


The holes made by the bullets can still be seen, and the monastery has a museum dedicated to him, which includes a number of his personal possessions.

File:The head of Ali Pasha Tepelena, presented to – Wikimedia Commons

Remember me on this computer. Indeed, he acted as an independent sovereign and was treated as such by the British and French, with whom he intrigued, hoping teoelena establish Janina as a sea power. It was only after his forceful deposition that the people of Greece objected to the rule of the Sultan Mahmud II and the newly appointed Paahe Pasha and thus began the Greek War of Independence. He ruled over both Greeks and Albanians, but his main power rested with the latter although his worst vengeance was also directed against the Albanians.

The original description page was here. Manufactures include textiles and gold and silver products. Born circa ; died May 2, Ali Pasha was considered to be ‘responsible for the propagation of Bektashism’ in Thessaly, in South Albania and in Kruja After service with the pasha of Negroponte Euboeahe joined the wealthy pasha of Delvino, whose daughter he married in